ktru playsheet

Treasures of the 60's

from Wed 03/02/2005 09:00:00 PM until Wed 03/02/2005 10:00:00 PM

time- artist / song [album]

09:58 PM- tom rush / urge for going [circle game] on the elektra label.
09:48 PM- (request) the stooges / 1969 [stooges] on the elektra label.
09:45 PM- (request) fever tree / imitations situation 1 / where do you go? [fever tree] on the uni label.
09:41 PM- (request) velvet underground / sunday morning [velvet underground and nico] on the verve label.
09:41 PM- the move / brontosaurus [omnibus - singles a's and b's] on the edsel label.
09:34 PM- (request) leonard cohen / sisters of mercy [best of] on the columbia label.
09:32 PM- fraternity of man / wispy paisley skies [fraternity of man] on the abc label.
09:32 PM- the monks / i hate you [black monk time] on the / label.
09:25 PM- jan howard / evil on your mind [1966 country and western award winners] on the decca label.
09:23 PM- 13th floor elevators / slide machine [easter everywhere] on the international artists label.
09:20 PM- chris lucey / metro man [songs of protest and anti-protest] on the rev-ola label.
09:17 PM- we the people / lovin son of a gun [declaration of independence] on the eva label.
09:12 PM- bob dylan / i am a lonesome hobo [john wesley harding] on the columbia label.
09:08 PM- archie bell and the drells / love will rain on you [tightening up: best of] on the rhino label.
09:07 PM- the mauds / searchin' [best of dunwich] on the sundazed label.
09:05 PM- norman greenbaum / canned ham [back home again] on the reprise label.
09:04 PM- james carr / freedom train [complete goldwax singels] on the kent label.
09:03 PM- davy graham / hallelujah, i love her so [the guitar player] on the castle label.