ktru playsheet

Treasures of the 60's

from Wed 01/12/2005 09:00:00 PM until Wed 01/12/2005 10:00:00 PM

time- artist / song [album]

10:34 PM- sweetwater / my crystal spider [sweetwater] on the reprise label.
10:28 PM- (request) band of gypsys / changes [band of gypsys] on the capitol label.
10:24 PM- (request) music machine / hey joe [music machine] on the original sound label.
10:23 PM- genesis (u.s.) / angeline [genesis] on the dfp label.
10:18 PM- (request) the sonics / like no other man [fire and ice] on the first american label.
10:14 PM- (request) the mothers of invention / who are the brain police? [freak out!] on the ryko label.
10:12 PM- spencer davis group / please do something [heavies] on the uniter artists label.
10:09 PM- cannibal and the headhunters / nau ninny nau [east side sound 1959-1968 (v/a)] on the dionysus label.
10:06 PM- neil young / when you dance i can really love [after the gold rush] on the reprise label.
10:02 PM- ron buford / chicken tracks [super funk 4: rare and classic street funk from the vaults 1966-1973] on the BGP label.
09:58 PM- the tmgs / the hatch [midwest funk (v/a)] on the jazzman label.
09:55 PM- ronnie sessions / never been to spain [10 giant country hits] on the mgm label.
09:52 PM- can / spoon [ege bamyasi] on the mute label.
09:49 PM- mayo thompson / fortune [corky's debt to his father] on the drag city revolution label.
09:46 PM- alexander spence / little hands [oar] on the sundazed label.
09:42 PM- idle race / imposters of life's magazine [nuggets box set 2: britain and beyond (v/a)] on the rhino label.
09:39 PM- the who / pictures of lily [magic bus] on the track record label.
09:35 PM- gary walker and the rain / magazine [love peace and poetry: british psych] on the normal / qdk media label.
09:32 PM- the tornadoes / ride the wind [alchemist of pop] on the raven label.
09:30 PM- soft machine / joy of a toy / hope for happiness (reprise) [volume 1] on the big beat label.
09:23 PM- the move / walk upon the water [omnibus - singles A and B] on the edsel label.
09:16 PM- banshees / project blue [best of dunwich records] on the sundazed label.
09:14 PM- gladys knight and the pip / daddy could swear, i declare [gladys knight anthology] on the motown label.
09:12 PM- beachcombers / help yourself baby [work it on out! northwest killers 65-66] on the norton records label.
09:11 PM- Rev. Ben Gay / ain't gonna let nobody turn me around [sings for freedom: story of civil rights] on the smithsonian folkways label.
09:09 PM- zakary thaks / face to face [texas' legendary group] on the moxie label.
09:05 PM- fapardokly / the war [fapardokly] on the sundazed label.
09:03 PM- west coast pop art experimental band / i won't hurt you [volume 1] on the reprise label.
09:01 PM- fred neil / the other side of this life [troubadors of the folk era vol.2] on the rhino label.