ktru playsheet

bunny banter

from Sun 01/24/2016 09:00:00 PM until Sun 01/24/2016 10:00:00 PM

time- artist / song [album]

10:00 PM- lambchop / short [damaged] on the merge label.
09:54 PM- disposable heroes of hypocrisy, the / water pistol man [hypocrisy is the greatest luxury] on the island label.
09:50 PM- black keys, the / dead and gone [el camino] on the nonesuch label.
09:48 PM- dirtbombs, the / start the party [dangerous magical noise] on the in the red label.
09:38 PM- finches, the / daniel's song [six songs] on the ulrike records label.
09:29 PM- dirty three / she has no strings [she has no strings apollo] on the touch & go label.
09:27 PM- hold steady, the / first night [boys and girls in america] on the vagrant label.
09:20 PM- robyn hitchcok / trouble in your blood [the man upstairs] on the yep roc records label.
09:12 PM- kelley stoltz / permafrost [the past was faster] on the the telegraph company label.
09:09 PM- sadhappy / depth charge [sadhappy live: before we were dead] on the periscope records label.
09:04 PM- nickodemus / mi swing es tropical [endangered species] on the wonderwheel recordings label.
09:01 PM- liars / lets not wrestle mr heart attach [drums not dead] on the mute corporation label.