ktru playsheet

treasures of the 60s

from Wed 08/16/2017 07:00:00 PM until Wed 08/16/2017 09:00:00 PM

time- artist / song [album]

08:58 PM- the velvet underground / some kinda love [the velvet underground] on the mgm label.
08:50 PM- mc5 / sister anne [high time] on the atlantic label.
08:47 PM- the move / ella james [message from the country] on the capitol label.
08:42 PM- buffalo springfield / carefree country day [last time around] on the atco label.
08:38 PM- arthur gee / love song 450 [arthur gee] on the tumbleweed label.
08:34 PM- kevin coyne / everybody says [marjory razorblade] on the virgin label.
08:30 PM- next exit / take a look at your friends [local customs: lone star lowlands] on the numero group label.
08:27 PM- matthew's southern comfort / colorado springs eternal [matthew's southern comfort] on the decca label.
08:21 PM- the steinways / my heart's not in it anymore [brainstormers] on the kent label.
08:19 PM- the raeletts / bad water [45] on the tangerine label.
08:17 PM- the cleftones / how do you feel [45] on the gee label.
08:14 PM- dee dee sharp / where did i go wrong? [45] on the cameo label.
08:12 PM- fontella bass & bobby mcclure / don't mess up a good thing [45] on the checker label.
08:09 PM- bobby angelle / i love (the way you love) [45] on the money label.
08:00 PM- the grateful dead / morning dew [the grateful dead] on the wb label.
07:56 PM- west coast pop art experimental band / suppose they give a war and no one comes [volume II: breaking through] on the reprise label.
07:54 PM- dore alpert / fallout shelter [45] on the carnival label.
07:50 PM- dantalian's chariot / world war three [chariot rising] on the wooden hill label.
07:45 PM- warm dust / wind of change [peace for our time] on the uni label.
07:41 PM- chris lucey / world war 3 [songs of protest and anti-protest] on the rev-ola label.
07:37 PM- bob dylan / masters of war [the freewheelin' bob dylan] on the columbia label.
07:29 PM- the elite / my confusion [back from the grave, vol. 1] on the crypt label.
07:26 PM- thee sixpence / in the building [psychedelic disaster whirl] on the past & present label.
07:24 PM- lulu and the luvvers / surprise surprise [sixties lost and found vol. 2] on the see for miles label.
07:21 PM- the new lime / ain't got no soul [bury my body: rare 60s u.s. garage sounds] on the fossil label.
07:18 PM- the express / wastin' my time [instant garage] on the mojo label.
07:15 PM- the factory / gone [path through the forest] on the guerszen label.
07:08 PM- biff rose / ain't no great day [children of light] on the tetragrammaton label.
07:05 PM- delaney & bonnie and friends / long road ahead [motel shot] on the atco label.
07:03 PM- merrilee rush & the turnabouts / reap what you sow [45] on the bell label.
06:59 PM- gene clark / here tonight [roadmaster] on the a&m label.