ktru playsheet

cool britannia

from Thu 02/15/2018 05:00:00 PM until Thu 02/15/2018 06:00:00 PM

time- artist / song [album]

05:54 PM- garbage / a stroke of luck [garbage] on the mushroom label.
05:51 PM- sleeper / statuesque [the it girl] on the indolent label.
05:47 PM- saint eitenne / sylvie [smash the system] on the heavenly label.
05:43 PM- inspiral carpets / keep the circle around [cool as] on the mute label.
05:38 PM- echobelly / you started a fire in the heart of a wasted life [gravity pulls] on the fauve music label.
05:35 PM- lush / ladykillers [lovelife] on the 4ad label.
05:31 PM- blur / country house [the great escape] on the food label.
05:27 PM- catatonia / mulder & scully [international velvet] on the blanco y negro label.
05:22 PM- new order / true faith '94 [the best of new order] on the london label.
05:17 PM- skunk anansie / weak [paranoid & sunburnt] on the one little indian label.
05:15 PM- cast / sandstorm [all change] on the polydor label.
05:11 PM- the levellers / what a beautiful day [one way of life] on the china records label.
05:07 PM- mansun / wide open space [attack of the grey lantern] on the parlophone label.
05:04 PM- dodgy / staying out for the summer [homegrown] on the a&m label.
05:01 PM- supergrass / alright [i should coco] on the parlophone label.