ktru playsheet

Kid's Show

from Sat 12/18/2004 12:00:00 PM until Sat 12/18/2004 01:00:00 PM

time- artist / song [album]

01:50 PM- johnny cash / five feet high and rising [the stars come out on] on the ctw label.
01:50 PM- charlie drake / my boomerang won't come back [looney tunes] on the k-tel label.
01:49 PM- tiny tim / christmas songs [tiny tim's christmas songs] on the
rounder label.
01:38 PM- the mathletes / oops)! -the animal song [the mathletes demo] on the self-titled label.
01:38 PM- billy pressman / nuttin' for christmas [dumb for ditties] on the k-tel label.
01:36 PM- leadbelly / red bird on the oops label.
01:36 PM- rica owen moore / excerpt crocodile [zoo songs] on the disneyland label.
01:32 PM- leadbelly / red bird [lead belly sings for children] on the smithsonian folkways label.
01:32 PM- johnny cash & oscar the grouch / nasty dan [sesame street] on the ctw label.
01:27 PM- va / donner & blitzen [snoopy's christmas] on the diplomat label.
01:25 PM- tastee christmas / excerpt [tastee christmas] on the st label.
01:19 PM- va / oh give me a bike [mairzy doats and other tickle twisting tunes for tiny tots] on the wonderland records label.
01:16 PM- tiny tim / i saw mommy kissing santa claus [tiny tim's christmas album] on the rounder label.
01:15 PM- jimmy james / all i want for christmas is my two front teeth [dumb ditties] on the k-tel label.
01:11 PM- the chipmunks / chipmunk song [looney tunes] on the k-tel label.
01:09 PM- devo / go monkey go [power puff girls: heroes and villains] on the st label.
01:03 PM- the wiggles / the monkey dance [st] on the st label.
01:02 PM- los lobos / i wanna be like you [stay awake] on the a&m label.
12:58 PM- susan christie / i love onions [looney tunes] on the k-tel label.
12:57 PM- mellincollin / monkey boogie [mellincollin] on the st label.
12:56 PM- rica owen moore / the giraffe [zoo songs] on the disneyland label.
12:53 PM- different kind of monkey / song of the nairobi trio [different kind of monkey] on the st label.
12:47 PM- daniel johnston / like a monkey in a zoo [the late great daniel johnston] on the fanatic label.
12:46 PM- i wanna be like you / i wanna be like you [the jungle book] on the disney label.
12:37 PM- rica owen moore / have you ever been to the zoo? [walt disney's songs] on the disneyland label.
12:33 PM- the mountain goats / the mountain song [protein source for the future...NOW!] on the st label.
12:29 PM- raffi / bananaphone [st] on the st label.
12:28 PM- the banana splits / the banana splits theme song [st] on the st label.
12:25 PM- corn Mo / bananas [the magic is you!] on the st label.
12:20 PM- sunra / pink elephants on parade [stay awake various interpretations of various music from vintage disney films] on the a&m label.
12:17 PM- telephone co. / the animal song [the king's surprise] on the businessdeal ent. label.
12:16 PM- harry belefonte / monkey song [harry belefonte] on the harry belefonte label.
12:11 PM- va / monkey chased the weasel [mother goose] on the rocking horse label.
12:08 PM- va / alice in wonderland starring magilla gorilla [alice in wonderland starring magilla gorilla] on the hanna barbera label.
12:05 PM- the monkees / hey hey we're the monkees [the monkees] on the themonkees label.
12:04 PM- southpark / hooked on monkey phonics [south park] on the south park label.
12:03 PM- magilla gorilla theme / magilla gorilla theme [toon tunes] on the kid rhino label.