ktru playsheet

Jeff P.

from Thu 04/06/2017 06:00:00 PM until Thu 04/06/2017 07:00:00 PM

time- artist / song [album]

06:56 PM- Dr. Ring Ding & The Senior All Stars / Dandimite Ska [Dandimite!] on the Grover label.
06:54 PM- Desmond Dekker / Beautiful and Dangerous [This is Desmond Dekker] on the Trojan label.
06:53 PM- Mustard Plug / Hit Me! Hit Me! [In Black and White] on the Hopeless Records label.
06:47 PM- Jeffrie's Fan Club / One More Time [Nothing To Prove] on the Vegas label.
06:44 PM- Eskalator / Ensam Och Ful [Pa Dodligt Allvar Med Eskalator] on the Snyting label.
06:40 PM- Justin Hinds & The Dominoes / Corner Stone [Carry Go Bring Come: Anthology] on the Trojan label.
06:38 PM- Mad Caddies / Road Rash [Duck and Cover] on the Fat Wreck label.
06:36 PM- Masons Arms / Fus Nach Vorn [Fus Nach Vorn] on the Rocking Records! label.
06:34 PM- Kemuri / Ohichyo [77 Days] on the The All Blacks label.
06:31 PM- Destination Anywhere / Wenn Du In Castrop [Hier ist Godot] on the Modern Noise label.
06:28 PM- John Holt / Ali Baba [Ali Baba] on the Jackpot label.
06:25 PM- The Tennors / Weather Report [Moods] on the Digital Link International label.
06:23 PM- Less Than Jake / history of a boring town [hellow rockview] on the Capitol label.
06:22 PM- [spunge] / Skanking Song [Greatest Hit.......s] on the [spunge] label.
06:18 PM- Slim Smith / People Get Ready [Attack Collection, Volume 1] on the Attack label.
06:15 PM- Blue Meanies / It Doesn't Matter [Kiss Your Ass Goodbye] on the Blue Meanies label.
06:14 PM- Capdown / Cousin Cleotis [Civil Disobedients] on the Household Name label.
06:08 PM- Donna the Buffalo / Movin' On [Positive Friction] on the Sugar Hill label.
06:05 PM- Bobby Aitken / Rukumbine [Classic Hits from Treasure Isle] on the Treasure Isle label.
06:02 PM- SuperHIks / Optimi-Ska [United Colors of Ska 4.0] on the Pork Pie label.