ktru playsheet

Tomas, TomZ
kids' show

from Sat 03/05/2016 12:01:00 PM until Sat 03/05/2016 02:00:00 PM

time- artist / song [album]

02:00 PM- imagination movers / big [8 feet] on the imagination movers, llc label.
01:53 PM- gui tavares / pancada [brazillian playground] on the putumayo kids label.
01:48 PM- bob dylan / froggie went a courtin [gather round] on the sony music label.
01:47 PM- sid and marty krofft / the bugaloos [the world of sid and marty krofft] on the rhino label.
01:44 PM- john linnell / maine [state songs] on the rounder label.
01:41 PM- stuart stuarts / jennifer montgomery [oacis acoustic vol. v1] on the oasis label.
01:37 PM- various / friendly beasts [records that teach] on the silver burdett records label.
01:32 PM- various / cruella d'ville [let's go to the movies] on the music for little people label.
01:30 PM- dan zanes / the moneley wedding [parades and panoramas] on the festival five label.
01:29 PM- bert and ernie / everybody wash [sesame gold] on the sesame street workshop label.
01:27 PM- bob and susan / what are kids called [sesame street gold] on the sesame street workshop label.
01:16 PM- miss pussycat / free guitar lessons for animals [flossie and the unicorns: LMNOP] on the skin graft records label.
01:12 PM- various / big big big red dog [clifford the big red dog] on the music for little people label.
01:10 PM- charlie brown, jj brown / eyeball skeleton [eyeball skeleton] on the self released label.
01:08 PM- the count and the countess / transylvania love call [love] on the sesame street records label.
01:02 PM- danielson famile / fathom the nine fruits pie [fetch the compass kids] on the new jerusalem music label.
12:59 PM- danny quinn and tomy gardner / rockin around the the christmas tree [mooseltoe] on the the uncle brothers label.
12:55 PM- phil rosenthal / the animal dance [classic animal songs] on the shout label.
12:52 PM- various / captian planet [toon tunes] on the rhino label.
12:50 PM- bert and ernie / i love march [love] on the sesame street records label.
12:46 PM- the singing kettle / my boy's a cowboy [singalong songs from scotland] on the smithsonian folkways label.
12:43 PM- gummibar / cotton eyed joe [la la love to dance] on the gummybear international label.
12:39 PM- fred penner / ghost riders in the sky [the cat came back] on the shoreline label.
12:36 PM- various / welcome to rio [mickey mouse disco] on the disney label.
12:36 PM- various / touche turtle [toon tunes funy bone favorites] on the rhino label.
12:29 PM- fozzie bear / a monologue by fozzie bear [the muppet show] on the arista label.
12:26 PM- apple brains / each and every [get fruity] on the slovenly label.
12:24 PM- muppets / tenderly [the muppet show] on the arista label.
12:21 PM- various
/ sunshine day-mrs bluebird [simultaneous ice cream] on the reverie two label.
12:18 PM- gene kelly / london bridges [greatest hits for th children you love] on the columbia musical treasaries label.
12:15 PM- various / 5, rue sesame [sesame street playground] on the putumayo kids label.
12:10 PM- bruce haack / elizabeth foster goose [hush little robot] on the q.d.k. media label.
12:04 PM- bugs bunny and Albert Fudd / What's opera, doc? [Thats all folks] on the rhino label.