ktru playsheet

chickenskin music

from Thu 09/21/2017 08:00:00 PM until Thu 09/21/2017 10:00:00 PM

time- artist / song [album]

10:05 PM- donsanders / big time boulevard [promisin boy] on the red brick label.
09:58 PM- nina simone / isn't it a pity [the essential] on the rca label.
09:54 PM- sir doug & the texas Tornados / you can't hide a redneck (under that hippy hair) [texas rock for country rollers] on the edsel label.
09:48 PM- freddy fender (with doug sahm) / big boss man [(various) Crazy cajun's Cosmic cowboys] on the edsel label.
09:46 PM- the charlatans / how can i miss you when you won't go away [playing in the hall] on the steady boy label.
09:42 PM- spider john koerner / sail away ladies [(various) River of Song] on the smithsonian folkways label.
09:34 PM- townes van zandt / colorado girl including just like tom thumb blues [down home music] on the broadcast radio label.
09:31 PM- the sorry mutha's / talking wolverine 14 [greatest hits volume 3] on the symposium label.
09:20 PM- kinky friedman / tom friedman navigator [bi-polar trio live from woodstock] on the continental coast label.
09:13 PM- jerry garcia and David grissman / shady grove [shady grove] on the acoustic disk label.
09:09 PM- Pert near Sandstone / don't need you [Discovery of Honey] on the self label.
09:06 PM- charlie parr / dog [dog] on the red house label.
09:01 PM- Jason eklund / what's left of 66 [lost causeway] on the flying fish label.
08:57 PM- actual wolf / hometown [faded days] on the red house label.
08:52 PM- Sturgil Simpson / welcome to earth (pollywog) [a sailor's guide to earth] on the atlantic label.
08:49 PM- richard dobson & w.c. jameson / a step away from homeless [plenty good people] on the brambus label.
08:45 PM- darcie deaville / its just the moon [tornado in slo mo] on the redwing label.
08:41 PM- molly venter & eben priser / dark side of the rainbow [goodnight moonshine] on the self label.
08:37 PM- al grierson / the wild dogs of kitwanga [things that never added up to me] on the folkin' eh label.
08:33 PM- hugh moffatt / where that wind don't below [live in studio 6/26/1997] on the chickenskin archives label.
08:27 PM- carolyn wonderland / hellfire bitters [moon goes missing] on the home label.
08:21 PM- glen ohrlin / the hell bound train [a cowboy's life] on the rounder label.
08:17 PM- eddie lejeune, d.l. menard, ken smith / flammes d' enfer [le trio cadien] on the rounder label.
08:15 PM- los straight jackets / cruel to be kind [what's so funny about peace, love and...] on the yeproc label.
08:11 PM- chuck berry / 3/4 time (enchiladas) [chuck] on the dualtone label.
08:04 PM- randy garibay and cats don't sleep / you've lost that loving feeling-guantanamera [chicano blues man] on the angelita mia label.
08:02 PM- john hartford / turn your radio on [areo-plain] on the rounder label.