ktru playsheet

AndrewM, Music Director
treasures of the 60s

from Wed 10/18/2017 07:00:00 PM until Wed 10/18/2017 09:00:00 PM

time- artist / song [album]

09:00 PM- Eric Burdon and the Animals / Sky Pilot [The Greatist Hits] on the Polydor label.
08:55 PM- Jefferson Airplane / Plastic Fantastic Lover [Surrealistic Pillow] on the RCA label.
08:54 PM- James Gang / Ashes the Rain and I [The James Gang Rides Agin] on the MCA label.
08:42 PM- The Who / We're Not Gonna Take It [Tommy] on the Decca label.
08:39 PM- Atomic Rooster / Devi's Answer [In Hearing of Atomic Rooster] on the Elektra label.
08:30 PM- Crosby, Still and Nash / Marakesh Express [Crosby, Stills and Nash] on the Atlantic label.
08:23 PM- Atomic Rooster / Black Snake [In Hearing of Atomic Rooster] on the Electra label.
08:20 PM- Jefferson Airplane / White Rabbit [Surrealistic Pillow] on the RCA label.
08:16 PM- Fever Tree / San Francisco Girls [Fever Tree] on the Universal City Records label.
08:09 PM- It's a Beautiful Day / White Bird [It's a Beautiful Day] on the Columbia label.
08:01 PM- Emerson, Lake and Palmer / The Three Fates [Emerson Lake and Palmer] on the Cotillion label.
07:58 PM- Donovan / Mellow Yello [Mellow Yellow] on the Epic label.
07:55 PM- Buffalo Springfield / For What It's Worth [Buffalo Springfield] on the ATCO label.
07:54 PM- Badfinger / Come and Get it [Magic Christian] on the Apple label.
07:48 PM- Spirit / Fresh Garbage [Spirit] on the ODE label.
07:43 PM- The Gun / Sunshine [The Gun] on the Epic label.
07:27 PM- Iron Butterfly / In-A-gadda-Da- Vida [In-A-Gadda-Da Vida] on the ATCO label.
07:21 PM- Pink Floyd / Summer 68 [Atom Heart Mother] on the Capitol label.
07:16 PM- Iron Butterfly / Are You Happy? [In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida] on the ATCO label.
07:12 PM- James Gang / Funk 49 [James Gang Rides Again] on the MCA label.
07:10 PM- Arthur brown / Fire [The Crazy World of Arthur Brown] on the Track Records label.
07:08 PM- The Music Machine / Talk Talk [Talk Talk] on the Original Sound label.