ktru playsheet

genetic memory

from Mon 12/11/2017 09:00:00 PM until Mon 12/11/2017 11:00:00 PM

time- artist / song [album]

10:52 PM- diamanda galas / orders from the dead [defixiones, will and testament] on the mute label.
10:30 PM- taj mahal travellers / untitled [oz days live] on the oz records label.
10:14 PM- house party quartet / untitled [house party quartet-sandy ewen] on the chiastic society-that's cool records label.
10:00 PM- barbara hannigan-mahler chamber orchestra / ligeti: mysteries of the macabre [concert documentary] on the lucerne festival label.
09:53 PM- neu! / weissensee [neu!] on the astralwerks label.
09:46 PM- dead time / buckets-catholic guilt [demo july 2016] on the s/r label.
09:44 PM- swarm of angels / flagwavers [plessure ep] on the girlgang records label.
09:40 PM- bongwater / his old look [double bummer] on the shimmy disc label.
09:39 PM- sissy spacek / vanishing city [contretemps] on the post present medium label.
09:39 PM- god is my co-pilot / ex-yrs [how to be] on the soul static sound label.
09:38 PM- big boys / lesson [lullabies help the brain grow] on the modern classics recordings-light in the attic label.
09:19 PM- future blondes / fla 012 side a [1111 ep1] on the human non/compound rec label.
09:11 PM- ramleh / phenol [a return to slavery] on the harbinger sound label.
09:07 PM- if, bwana / beauty and the beast [dry lungs ii] on the placebo label.
09:01 PM- wire / a touching display [154] on the mute label.