ktru playsheet

Tuesday Nitro

from Tue 05/28/2002 09:00:00 PM until Tue 05/28/2002 10:00:00 PM

time- artist / song [album]

09:59PM- crass / they've got a bomb [feeding of the 5000]

09:57PM- fear / beef baloney [the record]

09:56PM- positive state / i believe [the bullshit initiative]

09:55PM- minutemen / god bows to math [double nickels on the dime]

09:52PM- bratmobile / flavor of the month club [ladies, women, and girls]

09:50PM- fugazi / cassavettes [in on the kill taker]

09:49PM- operation ivy / yellin in my ear [s/t]

09:47PM- the germs / circle one [(MIA)]

09:44PM- ramones / teenage lobotomy [mania]

09:42PM- mikey wild and the magic lanterns / vincent price [i was punk before you were punk]

09:41PM- the rondelles / cafeteria rock [shined nickels and loose change]

09:38PM- the quails / no. 1 [we are the quails]

09:37PM- sleater kinney / i wanna be your joey ramone [call the doctor]
09:30PM- pink and brown / je suis nasty [final foods]

09:28PM- coachwhips / ok, next day [hands on the controls]

09:24PM- numbers / we like having these things [numbers life]

09:24PM- dead kennedys / take this job and shove it [bedtime for democracy]

09:23PM- ooioo / right hand [ooioo]

09:20PM- le tigre / my my metrocard [s/t]

09:15PM- 25 suaves / detroit [s/t]

09:14PM- gossip / arkansas heat [arkansas heat]

09:11PM- lightening bolt / 13 monsters [ride the skies]

09:10PM- liliput / beri-beri [s/t double cd]

09:09PM- guitar wolf / cat nana fever [jet generation]