ktru playsheet

mutant hardcore flower hour

from Thu 07/05/2018 10:00:00 PM until Thu 07/05/2018 01:00:00 AM

time- artist / song [album]

01:00 AM- the smiths / bigmouth strikes again [the queen is dead] on the sire label.
12:59 AM- sonic youth / (i got a) catholic block [sister] on the sst label.
12:54 AM- fuckemos / the screams [of the wild women] on the can kill you label.
12:52 AM- turbonegro / do you dig destruction [retox] on the scandinavian leather label.
12:49 AM- the meat purveyors / sunshine [down to the promiseland] on the bloodshot label.
12:47 AM- the muffs / lucky guy [the muffs] on the wb label.
12:44 AM- sugar shack / vip [get out of my way] on the estrus label.
12:42 AM- the husbands / cut me loose [there's nothing] on the swami label.
12:40 AM- jack o fire / tobacco road [beware the souless cool] on the estrus label.
12:38 AM- supersuckers / dead meat [the evil powers of rock and roll] on the koch label.
12:37 AM- le tigre / the empty [le tigre] on the mr. lady label.
12:35 AM- the makers / angry young man [the makers] on the estrus label.
12:32 AM- the white stripes / slicker drips [the white stripes] on the sympathy label.
12:30 AM- butthole surfers / pittsburgh to lebanon [locust abortion technician] on the touch and go label.
12:29 AM- the donnas / do you wanna hit it [turn 21] on the lookout label.
12:23 AM- motorhead / dance [ace of spades] on the roadrunner label.
12:22 AM- the cramps / bikini girls with machine guns [stay sick] on the vengence label.
12:19 AM- young heart attack / jackbot goons [rock and awe] on the xl label.
12:17 AM- murder city devils / broken glass [murder city devils] on the sub pop label.
12:16 AM- the queers / hi mom, it's me [love songs for the retarded] on the lookout label.
12:15 AM- famous monsters / the haunting of planet earth [in the night] on the estrus label.
12:13 AM- spaceshits / she's fine [winter dance party] on the sympathy label.
12:07 AM- dinosaur jr. / over it [farm] on the jagjaguwar label.
12:04 AM- mono men / stand back [have a nice day] on the estrus label.
12:02 AM- cool jerks / can't quit [cleaned a lot of plates in memphis] on the goner label.
12:00 AM- the love me nots / undone [upsidedown insideout] on the atomic a go go label.
11:58 PM- new bomb turks / deathbedside manner [pissing out the poison] on the crypt label.
11:54 PM- oblivians / em [desperation] on the in the red label.
11:53 PM- melvins / kool legged [ozma] on the boner label.
11:49 PM- husker du / deadly skies [metal circus] on the sst label.
11:48 PM- ty segal / cents [lemons] on the goner label.
11:46 PM- beastie boys / pow [the in sound] on the grand royal label.
11:41 PM- awesome color / hot energy [awesome color] on the ecstatic peace label.
11:40 PM- television / venus [marquee moon] on the elektra label.
11:38 PM- zz top / waiting on the bus [best] on the london label.
11:34 PM- sons of hercules / don't make me [right now] on the get hip label.
11:31 PM- blood on the wall / baby likes to holler [blood on the wall] on the social registry label.
11:29 PM- big foot chester / railroad bill [tabernaclin'] on the sympathy label.
11:27 PM- the hipshakes / stick around [shake their hips] on the slovenly label.
11:26 PM- replacements / never mind [pleased to meet me] on the sire label.
11:23 PM- mr. airplane man / podunk holler [moanin'] on the sympathy label.
11:19 PM- the pebbles / (i can't explain) gonna tell your man [first album] on the sympathy label.
11:16 PM- firehose / windmilling [if'n] on the sst label.
11:15 PM- king khan / it's a lie [i still hate cds] on the norton label.
11:15 PM- pop rivets / glanced the look [fun in the uk] on the damaged goods label.
11:11 PM- the pneumonias / jett love [cheap trash] on the label.
11:07 PM- meat puppets / split myself in two [ii] on the sst label.
11:05 PM- the jon spencer blues explosion / curfew blues [the jon spencer blues explosion] on the crypt label.
11:02 PM- quadrajets / ten high [flaming burnout] on the gearhead label.
11:00 PM- the fondas / don't come back [runaway bombshell] on the sympathy label.
10:59 PM- black lips / crazy girl [the black lips] on the bomp label.
10:48 PM- dead kennedys / stars and stripes of corruption [frankenchrist] on the alternative tentacles label.
10:46 PM- detroit cobras / hot dog (watch me eat) [baby] on the rough trade label.
10:43 PM- luna / 4th of july [luna live] on the elektra label.
10:41 PM- mojo nixon / bbq usa [bo day shus] on the mojo label.
10:40 PM- the beauties / black copters over usa [first seven inches] on the label.
10:35 PM- x / 4th of july [7"] on the elektra label.
10:32 PM- margo price / all american made [all american made] on the third man label.
10:30 PM- mudhoney / we hate the bloody queen [oh canaduh] on the canadian label.
10:27 PM- the jesus and mary chain / surfin usa [barbed wire kisses] on the blanco y negro label.
10:24 PM- spinal tap / america [spinal tap] on the polydor label.
10:20 PM- ryan adams / firecracker [gold] on the pax am label.
10:16 PM- agent orange / america [living in darkness] on the posh boy label.
10:15 PM- paul collins beat / usa [the beat] on the columbia label.
10:13 PM- devo / freedom of choice [freedom of choice] on the wb label.
10:13 PM- mc5 / back in the usa [back in the usa] on the elektra label.
10:09 PM- waylon / america [nashville rebel] on the waylon label.
10:06 PM- the cowslingers / strip bars, liqour and fireworks [the cocktail companion] on the estrus label.