ktru playsheet

Jeff P.

from Thu 03/30/2017 06:00:00 PM until Thu 03/30/2017 07:00:00 PM

time- artist / song [album]

06:59 PM- Baba Brooks / Duck Soup [Celebrating Jamaica 50: The History of Reggae] on the Charly label.
06:55 PM- The Jamaicans / Baba Boom Time [Celebrating Jamaica 50: The History of Reggae] on the Charly label.
06:52 PM- Justin Hinds & The Dominoes / Carry Go Bring Come [Carry Go Bring Come: Anthology] on the Trojan label.
06:49 PM- Med Dig / The Liptones [Sidospar] on the AMTY label.
06:45 PM- Maroon Town / Are You Ready? [Don Drummond] on the Township label.
06:40 PM- Streetlight Manifesto / The Three of Us [The Hands That Thieve] on the Kandur bandi label.
06:36 PM- New York Ska-Jazz Ensemble / Haitian Fight Song [New York Ska-Jazz Ensemble] on the Ska-Jazz Productions label.
06:32 PM- Goldfinger / Superman [Hang-Ups] on the ZMJO label.
06:30 PM- Harry J Allstars / Liquidator [Liquidator] on the Trojan label.
06:29 PM- Madness / One sTep Beyond [One Step Beyond] on the Sire label.
06:29 PM- The Holophonics / Lone Star Ska [Don't mess With The Holophonics] on the The Holophonics label.
06:22 PM- Incansable / Nana Pancha [Flores Para Los Muertos] on the Nana Pancha label.
06:21 PM- The Toasters / Fire In My Soul [Don't Let The Bastards Grind You Down] on the Moon Ska label.
06:15 PM- Maroon Town / Bullit [Don Drummond] on the Township label.
06:12 PM- The Upsessions / Hold Your Whining [United Colors of Ska 4.0] on the Pork Pie label.
06:10 PM- The Last Slice / Sea of Unknown [Underground] on the The Last Slice label.
06:07 PM- Toots & The Maytals / Dum Dum [Ska Never Grow Old] on the D&F Music label.
06:03 PM- The Smooths / In The Grass [Ska The Third Wave: Volume 3] on the Shanachie label.