ktru playsheet

GennadyG, RileyS, 42
things i don't understand

from Sat 12/02/2017 11:55:00 PM until Sun 12/03/2017 02:00:00 AM

time- artist / song [album]

01:04 AM- roger doyle / the first spirit level [miniatures concretes] on the empreintes digitales label.
01:00 AM- v/a / various [bang on a drum: songs from pla school and play away the bbc television programes] on the bbc records label.
12:55 AM- necroanal / various [fistcufking ur mom] on the nqa label.
12:54 AM- hasu patel / alap (improvisation) [sitar concerto mangal dhwani] on the hasupatel label.
12:53 AM- v/a / condoms and condors [radio phnom penh] on the sublime frequencies label.
12:48 AM- hsin-jung tsai / heart sutra [the moon reflected in three times] on the gaya recordings label.
12:35 AM- flin flon / swift current [swift current b/w flintabetty flonatin] on the teen beat label.
12:32 AM- five by five / apple cider [apple cider b/w fruitstand man] on the paula records label.
12:27 AM- b.g. desylva, ira gershwin, george gershwin / i'll build a stairway to paradise [folies scandals & other diversions from ziegeld to the schuberts] on the new world records label.
12:21 AM- the books / smells like content [lost and safe] on the quartermass label.
12:15 AM- v/a / various [that's my rabbit, my dog caught it] on the new world records label.
12:14 AM- sissle & blake / sissle & blake's shuffle along [ibid.] on the new world records label.
12:05 AM- twilight circus dub sound system / the ride [dub plate selection] on the studio dots label.
12:01 AM- freddie spruell / mr frieddie's kokomo blues [mississippi blues volume 2 (1926-1935)] on the document records label.
11:59 PM- dj krush & toshinori kondo / toh-sui [ki-oku] on the instinct label.
11:57 PM- steve burns / dead [hello radio - the songs of they might be giants] on the bar none label.