ktru playsheet

kids' show

from Sat 02/13/2016 12:34:00 PM until Sat 02/13/2016 02:00:00 PM

time- artist / song [album]

01:57 PM- stevesongs / fast monkey [the marvelous musical adventures] on the rounder label.
01:53 PM- ladyship black mambazo / nomyekelo [gift of the tortoise] on the music for little people label.
01:51 PM- yo gabba gabba / go crazy remix [music is... awesome! v2] on the filter us records label.
01:49 PM- kid koala feturing lederhosen lucil / fruit belt [see you on the moon] on the paper bag records label.
01:46 PM- raiatea / po la'la'i [hawaiian playground] on the putumayo kids label.
01:44 PM- Ralph's world / sally's trip [all around] on the bar none records label.
01:41 PM- oval-teen / eight great days [i made it out of clay] on the fanatic label.
01:38 PM- james lamar and friends / mama don't allow [oasis sampler vi] on the oasis label.
01:36 PM- ella jenkins / speak right up [and a union of friends pulling together] on the smithsonian folkways label.
01:32 PM- ella jenkins / mary had a little lamb [early, early childhood songs] on the smithsonian folkways label.
01:31 PM- pinky & the brain / pinky & the brain [variety pack] on the kid rhino label.
01:27 PM- rick shulman / the balllad of gumby [gumby] on the buena vista records and tapes label.
01:26 PM- sid & marty krofft / magic mongo [the world of sid & marty krofft] on the kid rhino label.
01:23 PM- bozo and pals / ballad of bozo [get down with the clouwn] on the music for little people label.
01:19 PM- jim mcdermott / air guitar [above the crowd] on the bouncing ball music label.
01:16 PM- gabriel moura / tem fila [brazillian playground] on the putumayo kids label.
01:15 PM- richard perlmutter / blow blow blow [beethoven's wig 4] on the rounder label.
01:11 PM- mucca pazza / mawi wawi [safety fifth] on the cowbell records label.
01:10 PM- hyperbubble / bionic g!rl [sol!d pop] on the socket sounds label.
01:06 PM- vince guaraldi trio / linus and lucy [a charlie brown christmas] on the fantasy label.
01:03 PM- maria napoleon / viva la muerte [simultaneous ice cream] on the reverie two label.
01:00 PM- paul lippert / once i had a dream [humpty jumpty] on the raspbery records label.
12:57 PM- Bruce Haack / the incantation [hush little robot] on the dimesion 5 label.
12:51 PM- scoobydoo / gotta have time [snack time] on the rhino label.
12:48 PM- the telephone company / mustache [the king's surprise?] on the business deal records label.
12:44 PM- john linnell / south carolina [state songs] on the rounder label.
12:44 PM- maya bond / 1-2-3, hello kitty [pink drums purple lights] on the ellahy amen records label.
12:37 PM- the real tuesday weld / little boxes [sing me to sleep] on the american laundromat records label.
12:35 PM- Pete Seeger / i know an old lady (who swallowed a fly) [gather round] on the sony label.