ktru playsheet

local show

from Tue 08/22/2017 08:00:00 PM until Tue 08/22/2017 10:00:00 PM

time- artist / song [album]

09:52 PM- blues funeral / the gathering dust [the awakening] on the self-released label.
09:49 PM- night drive / strange telepathy [night drive] on the roll call label.
09:45 PM- selena / techno cumbia [greatest hits] on the capitol label.
09:40 PM- grandfather child / i would like to thank the universe/planet earth [grandfather child] on the new west label.
09:36 PM- fea / poor little rich girl [fea] on the blackheart records group label.
09:32 PM- gaura karuna / down [reflections] on the blue owl collective label.
09:29 PM- albert collins / sno-cone ll [truckin' with alert collins] on the geffen label.
08:31 PM- blues funeral / interview [on KTRU] on the -- label.
08:23 PM- blues funeral / shadow of the snake [the awakening] on the self-released label.
08:17 PM- john egan / see that my grave is kept clean [amulet] on the line in the sound label.
08:14 PM- thundersoul orchestra / what u need [528-0728] on the suite 28 label.
08:11 PM- football etc. / save [corner] on the community records label.
08:07 PM- caretta bell / growing pains [ephphatha] on the coy records label.
08:03 PM- the big popper / chantilly lace [chantilly lace] on the mercury label.