ktru playsheet

RosaG, ScottB
mutant hardcore flower hour

from Thu 10/12/2017 10:05:00 PM until Thu 10/12/2017 01:00:00 AM

time- artist / song [album]

12:59 AM- jimmy cliff / you can get it if you really want, the harder they come [the harder they come] on the mango label.
12:58 AM- big foot chester / obviously 5 belivers [the devil in me] on the sympathy label.
12:58 AM- the replacements / iou [pleased to meet me] on the sire label.
12:56 AM- be your own pet / girls on tv [summer sensation] on the ecstatic peace label.
12:56 AM- the bangs / telephone game [sweet revenge] on the krs label.
12:52 AM- miss ludella black / last summer [she's out there] on the damaged goods label.
12:51 AM- dwarves / ad for the scum also rises [thank heaven for little girls] on the sub pop label.
12:49 AM- the hellacopters / long gone loser [disappointment blues] on the au-go-go label.
12:43 AM- mr. airplane man / don't know why [c'mon dj] on the sympathy label.
12:42 AM- insect warfare / behind bars [endless execution] on the iw label.
12:40 AM- the spits / tuff news [the spits] on the the spits label.
12:36 AM- sister double happiness / you don't know me [sister double happiness] on the sst label.
12:32 AM- the kills / hand [keep on your mean side] on the domino label.
12:31 AM- mudhoney / come to mind [7"] on the demos label.
12:25 AM- the forty fives / without love [get it together] on the label.
12:24 AM- the clash / four horsemen [london calling] on the epic label.
12:17 AM- the cramps / don't eat stuff offf the sidewalk [psychedelic jungle] on the irs label.
12:15 AM- the delmonas / i feel alright [do the uncle willy] on the damaged goods label.
12:15 AM- jack oblivian / shake it off [so low] on the in the red label.
12:14 AM- the donnas / wig wam bam [runnin' on fumes] on the gearhead label.
12:13 AM- best coast / do you love me like you used too [the only place] on the mexican summer label.
12:11 AM- mono men / just a girl [t.s.b.] on the estrus label.
12:06 AM- tyvek / future junk [nothing fits] on the in the red label.
12:05 AM- olivia jean / reminisce [7"] on the third man label.
12:05 AM- circle jerks / operation [group sex] on the frontier label.
12:01 AM- holly golightly / anyway you want it [painted on] on the damaged goods label.
11:57 PM- question mark and the mysterians / are you for real? [i hate cds] on the norton label.
11:56 PM- descendents / rockstar, no fb [i don't wanna grow up] on the sst label.
11:53 PM- turbonegro / i got a knife [sexual harassment] on the tn label.
11:51 PM- boss hog / rodeo chica [brood x] on the boss hog label.
11:49 PM- jimi hendrix / ain't no telling [axis: bold as love] on the reprise label.
11:48 PM- supersuckers / coattail rider [the smoke of hell] on the sub pop label.
11:46 PM- the side eyes / different plane [so sick] on the in the red label.
11:43 PM- husker du / new day rising [new day rising] on the sst label.
11:43 PM- minutemen / anxious mo fo [double nickles] on the sst label.
11:40 PM- dinosaur jr. / goin down [give a glimpse] on the jagjaguwar label.
11:36 PM- heavy metal kid / we gotta go [heavy metal] on the gem label.
11:31 PM- paul collins / for all eyes to see [feel the noise] on the alive label.
11:28 PM- big star / the ballad of old goodoo [#1 record] on the stax label.
11:24 PM- vktms / 100% white girl [v/a hyped to death #4 american punk] on the h2d label.
11:22 PM- the playboys of edinburgh / wish you had a heart [v/a texas flashback 1] on the way back label.
11:19 PM- donovan / epistle to dippy [greatest hits] on the epic label.
11:15 PM- black lips / oh katrina [good bad not evil] on the vice label.
11:12 PM- mirrors / hands in my pockets [something that i would never do] on the violet times label.
11:11 PM- eater / lock it up [eater] on the the label label.
11:09 PM- everly brothers / bye bye love [cadence classics] on the rhino label.
11:05 PM- the sonics / boss hoss [here are the sonics] on the norton label.
11:03 PM- the outsiders / the man on the dune [cq] on the jackpot label.
11:00 PM- the saints / memories are made of this [eternally yours] on the emi label.
10:55 PM- fleshtones / another direction [realiy] on the emergo label.
10:50 PM- mott the hoople / all the way from memphis [mott the hoople] on the columbia label.
10:47 PM- marshall crenshaw / whenever you're on my mind [field day] on the warner brothers label.
10:44 PM- clap / bluff 'em all [have you reached yet?] on the sing sing label.
10:41 PM- captain beefheart and his magic band / zig zag wanderer [safe as milk] on the buddah records label.
10:38 PM- the born liars / cool your jets [ragged island] on the cutthroat records label.
10:35 PM- blondie / x offender [blondie] on the chrysalis label.
10:28 PM- black sabbath / paranoid [paranoid] on the warner brothers label.
10:26 PM- chuck berry / maybelline [golden decade] on the chess records label.
10:23 PM- dave edmunds / heart of the city [tracks on wax] on the swan song label.
10:18 PM- the dictators / stand tall [bloodbrothers] on the asylum label.
10:14 PM- nervebreakers / so sorry [hijack the radio!] on the get hip label.
10:11 PM- slade / in like a shot [slade alive!] on the polydor! label.
10:10 PM- the spanks / in this world [inyour face] on the get hip label.
10:09 PM- sham 69 / what have we got? [the adventures of hersham boys] on the polydor label.