ktru playsheet

saturday special

from Sat 03/24/2018 02:00:00 PM until Sat 03/24/2018 04:00:00 PM

time- artist / song [album]

03:56 PM- suburban legends / under the sea [day job] on the candy factor label.
03:52 PM- save ferris / come on eileen [it means everything] on the epic label.
03:48 PM- skakin' pickle / turning japnese [sing along with skankin pickle] on the michael park label.
03:46 PM- reel big fish / take on me [greatest hit and more] on the zmjo label.
03:43 PM- five iron frenzy / its not unusual [all the hype that money can buy] on the 5 minute walk label.
03:39 PM- goldfinger / 99 red balloons [stomping ground] on the zmjo label.
03:35 PM- suburban legends / duck tales [dreams aren't real, but these songs are vol 1] on the candy factory label.
03:31 PM- no doubt / spiderwebs [tragic kingdom] on the interscope label.
03:28 PM- the aggrolites / free time [reggae hit l.a.] on the hellcat label.
03:25 PM- catch 22 / keasbey nights [keasbey nights] on the tomas kalnoky label.
03:22 PM- rancid / time bomb [...and out come the wolves] on the epitaph label.
03:18 PM- dance hall crashers / lost again [honey i'm homely] on the umg label.
03:15 PM- let's go bowling / rude 69 [freeway lanes] on the s/r label.
03:12 PM- operation ivy / jaded [s/t] on the epitaph label.
03:08 PM- the pietasters / can't stand it [awesome mix tape#6] on the hellcat label.
03:05 PM- buck-o-nine / record store [twenty-eight teeth] on the orchard label.
03:01 PM- the supertones / curl rider [the sweet ride] on the tim sullivan label.
02:57 PM- mc lars, suburban legends, mc bat commander / this gigantic robot kills [this gigantic robot kills] on the horris label.
02:54 PM- mustard plug / beer (song) [evildoers beware!] on the hopeless label.
02:50 PM- the aquabats! / red sweater! [the fury of the aquabats] on the goldenvoice label.
02:48 PM- less than jake / johnny quest thinks we're sellouts [losing streak] on the capitol label.
02:42 PM- streetlight manifesto / the three of us [the hands that thieve] on the pentimento label.
02:38 PM- voodoo glow skulls / insubordination [who is this is?] on the dr strange label.
02:35 PM- the suide machines / new girl [destrution by definition] on the hollywood label.
02:31 PM- the slackers / wasted days [wasted days] on the hellcat label.
02:27 PM- hepcat / rudies all around [right on time] on the hellcat label.
02:20 PM- fishbone / party at ground zero [the essential fishbone] on the sony label.
02:16 PM- the toasters / talk is cheap [hard band for dead] on the moon ska label.
02:13 PM- the uptones / get out of my way [skankin' foolz unite!] on the fun fun fun label.
02:11 PM- goldfinger / superman [hang-ups] on the zmjo label.
02:08 PM- the mighty mighty bosstones / the rascal king [let's face it] on the island def jam label.
02:04 PM- rx bandits / taking chase as the serpent slithers [the resignation] on the drive thru label.