ktru playsheet

Jeff P.

from Thu 03/02/2017 06:02:00 PM until Thu 03/02/2017 07:00:00 PM

time- artist / song [album]

06:59 PM- The Suspects / Right On Time [Ninety-Nine Paid] on the The Suspects label.
06:54 PM- Freddie Notes & The Rudies / Guns of Navarone [Black and White] on the Trojan label.
06:53 PM- Liberator / Malmo FF [Soundchecks 95-00] on the Burning Heart label.
06:51 PM- Bluekilla / Rudeboy Land [Ska is our business] on the Vielklang label.
06:46 PM- The Specials / Nite Club [The Specials] on the Chrysalis label.
06:44 PM- The Bodysnatchers / Ruder Than You [Let's Do Rocksteady] on the Chrysalis label.
06:42 PM- Sublime / Badfish [Badfish (single)] on the MCA label.
06:41 PM- Skitter / Mr. Kruschev [Scandal Ska] on the Island label.
06:38 PM- The Hippos / Lost It [Heads Are Gonna Roll] on the Interscope label.
06:33 PM- Hard Man Fe Dead / Prince Buster [Hard Man Fe Dead, 1967] on the Blue Beat label.
06:31 PM- Yebo / Skayatollah [Eastern Standard Time] on the Pork Pie label.
06:28 PM- Desmond Dekker & The Aces / Rudy Got Soul [Rudy Got Soul] on the Beverley's label.
06:25 PM- The Slackers / Working Overtime [The Slackers] on the The Slackers label.
06:22 PM- The Upbeat / 17 @ 17 [Give Em The Boot] on the Hellcat label.
06:20 PM- The Interruptors / By My Side [Say It Out Loud] on the Hellcat label.
06:16 PM- Skapa / He's Crazy [United Colors of Ska Vol. 2] on the Pork Pie label.
06:12 PM- Alpha Boy School / Perfect Situation [Perfect Situation] on the Moonstomp label.
06:11 PM- The Chinkees / Not Your Pet [...Are Coming] on the Michael Park label.
06:10 PM- Delroy Wilson / Better Must Come [The Best of Delroy Wilson] on the Sanctuary label.
06:06 PM- Less Than Jake / Three Quarts Drunk [Pezcore] on the Sleep It Off label.
06:04 PM- Bruce Lee Band / Go Feet Go [Beautiful World] on the Asian Man label.
06:03 PM- The Specials / A Message To You Rudy [The Specials] on the Two Tone label.