ktru playsheet

cover show

from Sun 02/02/2020 10:00:00 PM until Sun 02/02/2020 11:59:00 PM

time- artist / song [album]

11:56 PM- black pumas / leanor rigby [web cover] on the ato records label.
11:49 PM- the beatles / eleanor rigby [revolver] on the capitol label.
11:38 PM- erroll garner / caravan [ready take one] on the octave music label.
11:29 PM- john wasson / caravan [whiplash (original motion picture soundtrack)] on the 5am music label.
11:22 PM- aki takase / caravan [my ellington] on the intakt records label.
11:18 PM- reptile palace orchestra / caravan [early reptile] on the boat label.
11:12 PM- chicago / caravan [night and day - big band] on the giant label.
11:09 PM- tokyo ska paradise / caravan [s/t] on the kokusai records label.
11:07 PM- laika and the cosmonauts / caravan [surfs you right] on the dojo records label.
11:04 PM- oscar peterson / caravan [piano jazz] on the u-5 label.
11:01 PM- chet atkins and les paul / caravan [chester and lester] on the rca victor label.
10:55 PM- ray conniff and his orchestra and chorus / caravan [you make me feel so young] on the columbia label.
10:51 PM- duke ellington, charlie mingus, max roach / caravan [monkey jungle] on the united artists records label.
10:48 PM- duke ellington / caravan [duke ellington: the essentials collection] on the columbia label.
10:45 PM- tom tomlinson and jerry kennedy (tom and jerry) / caravan [guitar's greatest hits] on the mercury label.
10:43 PM- dinah washington / caravan [the swingin' miss 'd'] on the emarcy label.
10:40 PM- nat king cole / caravan [after midnight] on the capitol records label.
10:36 PM- johnny mathis / caravan [s/t] on the columbia label.
10:30 PM- ferrante and teicher / caravan [love themes from cleopatra] on the cleopatra in ny label.
10:24 PM- thelonious monk / caravan [thelonious monk plays the music of duke ellington] on the riverside label.
10:18 PM- dizzy gillespie / caravan [single] on the dee gee label.
10:14 PM- the mills brothers / caravan [flat foot floogee] on the decca label.
10:09 PM- duke ellington / caravan [single] on the master label.
10:07 PM- barney bigard and his jazzopaters / caravan [single] on the variety label.