ktru playsheet

genetic memory

from Mon 09/18/2017 09:00:00 PM until Mon 09/18/2017 11:00:00 PM

time- artist / song [album]

10:55 PM- holger czukay / witches multiplication table [on the way to the peak of normal LP] on the gronland label.
10:50 PM- holger czukay / my can axis [eleven years innerspace 2x10"] on the gronland records label.
10:46 PM- cohelmec ensemble / callompn' bambin [hippotigris zebrazebra LP] on the soufflecontinu label.
10:40 PM- solid eye / gigantor [fruits of technology CD] on the win records label.
10:35 PM- john cage / radio music [nova musicha n.1. LP] on the cramps / get back label.
10:26 PM- lee rockey / untitled [music LP] on the die stijl label.
10:19 PM- smegma / modern living [ism CD] on the tim kerr records label.
10:14 PM- ju suk reet meate / riffrub [solo 1975-1981 LP] on the alga marghen label.
10:08 PM- nihilist spasm band / you can do it if you try [nothing is for ever LP] on the wintage records & tapes label.
10:00 PM- anal magic & rev. dwight frizzell / fly by night [beyond the black crack CD] on the paradigm discs label.
09:53 PM- anima / how to dream [sturmischer himmel CD] on the spalax label.
09:51 PM- kluster / untitled [vulcano CD] on the important records label.
09:46 PM- dzyan / the road not taken [electric silence CD] on the bellaphon label.
09:42 PM- tomorrow's gift / allerheiligen [goodbye future LP] on the long hair label.
09:40 PM- v/a (tear garden) / messsage 3 [the legendary pink dots with friends & relations CDr] on the beta-lactum ring records label.
09:37 PM- nurse with wound / alien [thunder perfect mind 2xCD] on the united jnana label.
09:25 PM- karheinz stockhausen / contact part 1 [gesans der junglinge / kontakte LP] on the deutsche grammophon label.
09:21 PM- velvet underground & nico / venus in furs [s/t 45th anniversary 6xCD] on the universal music enterprises label.
09:04 PM- can / aumgn [tago mago 40th anniversary edition 2xCD] on the spoon records label.