ktru playsheet

Tuesday Nitro

from Tue 06/18/2002 09:00:00 PM until Tue 06/18/2002 10:00:00 PM

time- artist / song [album]

10:01PM- party owls / party oi [s/t]

09:59PM- poor dumb bastards / theme [s/t]

09:57PM- hickoids / toothpickman [waltz acrossdress texas]

09:57PM- junior varsity / texas [7"]

09:53PM- loco gringos / texas ranger man [free yr mind and yr ass will follow]
09:47PM- dictators / faster and louder [bloodbrothers]

09:47PM- dayglo abortions / stupid songs [feed us a fetus]

09:43PM- replacements / kids don't follow [stink]

09:41PM- cramps / crusher [psychedelic jungle]

09:38PM- devo / gut feeling [are we not men?]

09:36PM- dickies / stuck in a pagota with tricia toyota [dawn of the dickies]

09:32PM- modern lovers / roadrunner [the original]
09:27PM- subhumans / apathy [worlds apart]

09:25PM- avengers / we are the one [s/t]

09:21PM- dead kennedys / halloween [plastic surgery disasters]

09:20PM- circle jerks / i just want some skank/ beverly hills [group sex]

09:18PM- minor threat / seeing red [discography]

09:17PM- d r i / i don't need society [dirty rotten lp]

09:15PM- makers / looking for a supergirl [rock star god]
09:09PM- headcoatees / davy crockett [7"]

09:07PM- agent orange / bloodstains [living in darkness]

09:05PM- untamed youth / drag race tragedy [7"]

09:04PM- bad livers / lust for life [7"]

09:02PM- euripides pants / last call [way up off in there]