ktru playsheet

Tuesday Nitro

from Tue 09/03/2002 09:00:00 PM until Tue 09/03/2002 10:00:00 PM

time- artist / song [album]

09:57 PM- the bangs / telephone game [sweet revenge] on the krs label.
09:55 PM- crass / end result [the feeding of the 5000] on the EFA label.
09:53 PM- man...or astroman? / taser guns mean big fun [your weight on the moon] on the one louder records label.
09:51 PM- minutemen / viet nam [double nickels on the dime] on the sst label.
09:44 PM- jet boys / i wanna die [i wanna die b/w time bomb 7"] on the dionysus label.
09:43 PM- dead kennedys / viva las vegas [fresh fruit for rotting vegetables] on the alternative tentacles label.
09:41 PM- ooioo / OO.OO [ooioo] on the KRS label.
09:39 PM- black flag / this will be the best one yet [loose nut] on the sst label.
09:38 PM- prehensile monkey tailed skink / anarchy is stupid [i am a gorilla 7"] on the blackjack records label.
09:35 PM- the third sex / lights out [back to go] on the chainsaw label.
09:32 PM- thee headcoatees / have love will travel [have love will travel] on the askcd label.
09:29 PM- fugazi / repeater [repeater] on the dischord label.
09:25 PM- meow / kat nip [katnip 7"] on the twist like this label.
09:22 PM- lightning bolt / forcefield [ride the skies] on the load label.
09:18 PM- gang of four / damaged goods [a brief history of the 20th century] on the WB label.
09:16 PM- coachwhips / that bitch is gonna end up dead [s/t] on the black apple label.
09:13 PM- misfits / i turned into a martian [walk among us] on the WB label.
09:10 PM- guitar wolf / jet generation [jet generation] on the matador label.
09:06 PM- sonic youth / ca plane pour moi [v/a freedom of choice] on the caroline label.
09:04 PM- operation ivy / here we go again [energy] on the lookout! label.
09:03 PM- polysics / modern [hey bob my friend] on the asian man label.