ktru playsheet

genetic memory

from Mon 09/11/2017 08:44:00 PM until Mon 09/11/2017 11:00:00 PM

time- artist / song [album]

10:59 PM- current 93 / excerpts from bungalo tapes [i have a special plan for this world] on the world serpent label.
10:51 PM- etched in the eye / etched in the cradle's throat [etched in the eye] on the chiastic society label.
10:47 PM- jandek / ballad of robert [foreign keys] on the coorwood industries label.
10:41 PM- father murphy / i ran out of fuel and a viper just bit me [and he told us to turn to the sun] on the aagoo label.
10:14 PM- nurse with wound / pre-menstrual music for merry maidens [england's hidden reverse] on the world serpent label.
10:06 PM- coil / nature is a language [the new backwards] on the important records label.
09:53 PM- ewen - smith - walter / 5 [sandy ewen-damon smith-weasel walter] on the ug explode label.
09:49 PM- illicit relationship / the sea is red the sea is dead [go west 5xcdr] on the bookend recordings label.
09:36 PM- kaiser-smith-walter / fifi blows her top [plane crash two] on the new atlantis label.
09:24 PM- melvins / chicken butt - eat yourself out [a walk with love and death] on the ipecac label.
08:47 PM- boredoms / livwe! [super roots 9] on the thrill jockey label.