ktru playsheet

kids' show

from Sat 03/26/2016 12:01:00 PM until Sat 03/26/2016 02:00:00 PM

time- artist / song [album]

01:34 PM- joe mcdermott / baby kangaroo [classic animal songs] on the shout! factory label.
01:24 PM- loreta kovacic / no trouble in texas [brother tadpole classics] on the alchemist piano label.
01:22 PM- the telephone company / mustache [the king's surprise?] on the business deal label.
01:21 PM- laura simms / spirit dolphin and other dreamtime fish tales [fish tales] on the lyrichord discs inc label.
01:13 PM- rastafarians / puff the magic dragon [reggae for kids] on the RAS label.
01:10 PM- deluxx folk implosion / i'm just a bill [school house rock! rocks] on the atlantic label.
01:08 PM- blind melon / three is the magic number [school house rock! rocks] on the Atlantic label.
01:03 PM- maixa ta ixiar / zuhaitzarena [world playground] on the putumayo label.
12:58 PM- rachel buchman / hey, betty martin [hello everybody] on the a gentle wind label.
12:55 PM- pearl bailey / the laziest gal in town [all about good little girls and bad little boys] on the roulette label.
12:52 PM- justin roberts / roller in the coaster [folk playground] on the putumayo kids label.
12:43 PM- toddles / splish splash [toddlers sing rock and roll] on the music for little people label.
12:41 PM- marine science institute / agar shortage [science and the sea] on the unversity of texas institute label.
12:38 PM- imagination movers / toothache [good ideas] on the rec room records label.
12:34 PM- ella jenkins / Mexican hand clappin chant [little johnny brown] on the smithsonian folkays label.
12:31 PM- the unicorns / i was born (a unicorn) [who will cut our hair when we're gone] on the caterpillar label.
12:27 PM- otis redding / chain gang [a child's celebration of soul] on the music for little people label.
12:26 PM- starfish / the starfish stomp [rock & roll playground] on the putumayo kids label.
12:22 PM- tickle toon typhoon / ecology [singing science] on the music for little people label.
12:16 PM- shonen knife / fortune cookie [overdrive] on the good carmel records label.
12:15 PM- kinder angst / do it better (with deborh harry) [s/t] on the s/r label.
12:13 PM- mflp chorus / peace is the world smiling [peace is the world smiling] on the music for little people label.
12:06 PM- dan zanes and friends / wake up baby! [little nut tree] on the festival five records label.
12:04 PM- trout fishing in america / two brains [over the limit] on the trout records label.
12:01 PM- John McCutcheon / running for president [bigger than yourself] on the rounder kids label.