ktru playsheet

RosaG, ScottB
mutant hardcore flower hour

from Thu 01/25/2018 10:01:00 PM until Thu 01/25/2018 01:00:00 AM

time- artist / song [album]

01:07 AM- the sadies / it's nothing to me [pure diamond gold] on the bloodshot label.
01:04 AM- supersuckers / mighty joe young [the smoke of hell] on the sub pop label.
01:01 AM- howlin' wolf / wang dang doodle [his best] on the chess label.
12:59 AM- the love me nots / do what you do [upsidedown insideout] on the atomic a-go-go label.
12:57 AM- mono men / waste o' time [sin and tonic] on the estrus label.
12:55 AM- the black lips / workin' [let it bloom] on the in the red label.
12:53 AM- the damned / fish [damned damned damned] on the stiff label.
12:51 AM- live skull / tourist trap [ep] on the massive label.
12:49 AM- circle jerks / red tape [group sex] on the frontier label.
12:46 AM- sonic youth / bubblegum [evol] on the sst label.
12:45 AM- fats domino / my girl josephine [all-time] on the domino label.
12:41 AM- agent orange / mr. moto [living in darkness] on the posh boy label.
12:39 AM- turbonegro / back to dungaree high [apocalypse dudes] on the man's ruin label.
12:37 AM- the kinks / til the end of the day [singles collection] on the label.
12:35 AM- the soviettes / 9th st. [lp] on the adeline label.
12:34 AM- hipshakes / can't get through to you [shake their hips] on the slovenly label.
12:30 AM- king louie / i'm a one man band [chinese crawfish] on the goner label.
12:29 AM- hinds / san diego [leave me alone] on the lucky number label.
12:27 AM- the fondas / i don't know what to do [coming now] on the sympathy label.
12:23 AM- big boys / act/reaction [skinny elvis] on the touch and go label.
12:20 AM- the greenhornes / no more [gun for you] on the prince label.
12:19 AM- jack o fire / almost grown [forever] on the sympathy label.
12:15 AM- cocktail slippers / dance [mastermind] on the wicked cool label.
12:14 AM- x-ray spex / age [germ free adolesencts] on the art-i-ficial label.
12:09 AM- the detroit cobras / right around the corner [love, life and leaving] on the sympathy label.
12:07 AM- the mummies / rosie [never been caught] on the telstar label.
12:05 AM- rocket from the crypt / spitting [group sounds] on the vagrant label.
12:03 AM- queens of the stoneage / hispanic impressions [qotsa] on the loosegroove label.
12:01 AM- thee mighty caesars / neat neat neat [caesar's pleasure] on the crypt label.
12:00 AM- insect warfare / at war with grindcore [endless execution] on the 626 thrash label.
11:57 PM- the motards / why am i even here [stardom] on the empty label.
11:55 PM- sugar shack / call me mr. nowhere [get out of my mind] on the estrus label.
11:55 PM- holly golightly / this happens [laugh it all up] on the damaged goods label.
11:51 PM- guided by voices / hot freaks [bee thousand] on the matador label.
11:51 PM- sons of hercules / once i was [hits for the misses] on the unclean label.
11:47 PM- the briefs / stuck on you [steal yer heart] on the byo label.
11:45 PM- sheer mag / nobody's baby [i, ii, iii] on the wrc label.
11:41 PM- dum dum girls / jail la la [i will be] on the sub pop label.
11:40 PM- riverboat gamblers / sparks and shots [something to crow about] on the gearhead label.
11:38 PM- the dishes / shotgun [1+2] on the 1+2 label.
11:37 PM- minutemen / no exchange [double nickles on the dime] on the sst label.
11:33 PM- gun club / sex beat [fire of love] on the new rose label.
11:31 PM- luna / gtx3 [a place of greater safety] on the double feature label.
11:26 PM- crushed butler / my son's alive [uncrushed] on the radio heartbeat label.
11:20 PM- plastic idols / einstein experience [7"] on the rerun records label.
11:18 PM- the creation / how does it feel to feel? [the best of the creation] on the pop schallplatten gmgbh. label.
11:15 PM- zero boys / splish splash [history of the zero boys] on the secretly canadian label.
11:14 PM- dri / all songs on that side [7" ep dirty rotten ep] on the beer city records label.
11:07 PM- adrenalin / rock 'n' roll screamer [7"] on the sing sing label.
11:04 PM- suicide / all night long [alive] on the roir label.
10:58 PM- the leopards / i wonder if i'll ever see you again [kansas city slickers] on the sing sing label.
10:56 PM- the sonics / strychnine [7"] on the norton label.
10:54 PM- crime / baby you're so repulsive [7"] on the spirit label.
10:52 PM- the fleshtones / les temps dira [take a good look!] on the yep roc records label.
10:49 PM- nervous eaters / loretta [7"] on the penniman label.
10:47 PM- contaminators / movie extras [contaminators] on the going underground label.
10:45 PM- jack lee / come back and stay [bigger than life] on the alive natural sounds label.
10:42 PM- 13th floor elevators / you're gonna miss me [7"] on the international artists label.
10:37 PM- livids / she likes zitz [7"] on the twistworthy records label.
10:32 PM- stoney & the jagged edge / can't find the key [chasing rainbows] on the big beat / ace records label.
10:30 PM- bad finger / baby blue [7"] on the apple label.
10:26 PM- the pip squeaks / my baby's cruel [7"] on the get hip label.
10:24 PM- modfag / banned in bellaire [lovers beware] on the raw ramp records label.
10:20 PM- screech of death / screech of death/run [7"] on the clusterfuck records label.
10:15 PM- milk 'n' cookies / wok 'n' woll [milk 'n' cookies] on the radio heartbeat label.
10:11 PM- joan jett & the blackhearts / love is pain [maxi-single b/w i love rock'n roll] on the boardwalk entertainment co. label.
10:08 PM- rachel sweet / sad song [fool around] on the stiff records label.
10:05 PM- the fall / pay your rates [grotesque (after the gramme)] on the rough trade label.