ktru playsheet

RosaG, ScottB, BrendanM
mutant hardcore flower hour

from Thu 05/17/2018 10:05:00 PM until Thu 05/17/2018 01:00:00 AM

time- artist / song [album]

01:05 AM- jenny don't and the spurs / the fire [jenny don't] on the doomtown label.
01:02 AM- estrella 20/20 / red green [afro mexican] on the estrus label.
01:01 AM- thelonious monster / oh (no sense at all) [stormy weather] on the restless label.
12:59 AM- la luz / with davey [weirdo shrine] on the hardly art label.
12:58 AM- olivia jean / you really got me [7"] on the third man label.
12:52 AM- the dictators / teengenerate [go girl crazy] on the cbs label.
12:49 AM- hot snakes / candid cameras [jerico sirens] on the sub pop label.
12:47 AM- rocket froom the crypt / killy kill [circa : now] on the cargo label.
12:46 AM- the bangs / i want more [call and response] on the kill rock stars label.
12:45 AM- young girls / six pack back stab [7"] on the yg label.
12:43 AM- man or astro-man? / configuration 9 [deluxe men in space] on the touch and go label.
12:36 AM- superchunk / fader rules [cup of sand] on the merge label.
12:34 AM- mary weiss / cry about the radio [dangerous game] on the in the red label.
12:31 AM- demolition doll rods / move to the music [ddr] on the sympathy label.
12:29 AM- monkeywrench / one step closer [goes round comes round] on the valley king label.
12:26 AM- the coathangers / tobacco road [larceny and lace] on the suicide squeeze label.
12:24 AM- oblivians / emergency [popular favorites] on the crypt label.
12:23 AM- the explosives / a girl like you [7"] on the black hole label.
12:17 AM- mono men / powerage woman [sin and tonic] on the estrus label.
12:16 AM- the gentrys / brown paper sack [keep on dancing] on the mgm label.
12:10 AM- xetas / the gaze [the tower] on the 12xu label.
12:06 AM- ac/dc / t.n.t. [t.n.t] on the albert label.
12:04 AM- The Come Ons / Who Loves The Sun [Lulluby 7"] on the Mo Pop Records label.
11:56 PM- Velvet Undergound / Run Run Run [Any Warhol:Unripened] on the Andy Warhol / Unknown label.
11:53 PM- Teenage Bottlerocket / Having A Blast [Teenage Bottle Rocket / ERGS Split 7"] on the Self Released label.
11:47 PM- Turbonegro / Gimme Some / Turbonegro Must Be Destroyed [Scandinavian Leather] on the Burning Heart / Epitaph label.
11:41 PM- Gray Matter / I am The Walrus [Food For Thought] on the Dischord Records label.
11:38 PM- Fugazi / Lattin Roots [Steady Diet of Nothing] on the Dischord Records label.
11:35 PM- Egg Hunt / We All Fall Down [Egg Hunt 7"] on the Dischord Records label.
11:33 PM- Minor Threat / Salad Days [Salad Days 7"] on the Dischord Records label.
11:25 PM- Wooden Shjips / Vampire Blues [Singles Collection Vol 2.] on the Sick Thirst Records label.
11:22 PM- Baby Lucy / My Baby [Baby Lucy] on the Roofus And Friends Records label.
11:19 PM- The Stooges / T.V. Eye [Fun Houses] on the Sundazed Records label.
11:15 PM- Lou Reed / This Magic Moment [Lost Highway Soundtrack] on the Interscope / Universal Music label.
11:12 PM- Sonic Youth / It's My Body [Whore's Moaning:] on the Geffen label.
11:07 PM- Dead Kennedys / Police Truck + Kill The Poor [Mutiny On The Bay: Dead Kennedys Live! from the San Francisco Bay Area] on the Manifesto Records label.
11:04 PM- The Jonbenet / 1996 [Devil Music Vol 1 7"] on the Self Released label.
11:01 PM- Dinosaru Jr. / Little Fury Things [You're Living All Over Me] on the Jagjaguwar Records label.
10:55 PM- Devo / Gut Feeling / Slap Your Mammy [Are We Not Men? A: We are Devo] on the Warner Brothers label.
10:51 PM- Built to Spill / Stab [There's Nothing Wrong With Love] on the Up Records label.
10:45 PM- ramones / i wanna be your boyfirend [7"] on the norton records label.
10:42 PM- the urinals / i'm a bug/ack ack ack [7"] on the squidley records label.
10:40 PM- reigning sound / she's bored with ou [time bomb high school] on the in the red label.
10:38 PM- the sonics / dirty robber [here are the sonics] on the norton label.
10:36 PM- too political? / really red [teaching you the fear] on the cia records label.
10:33 PM- mc5 / come together [kick out the jams] on the sundazed label.
10:28 PM- pierced arrows / ain't life strange [descending shadows] on the vice label.
10:21 PM- the cramps / uranium rock [bad music for bad people] on the a&m irs label.
10:18 PM- pez band / russian tanks [women & politics] on the frodis records label.
10:16 PM- roky erickson and the explosivers / don't shake me lucifer [halloween live 1979-1981] on the steadyboy records label.
10:15 PM- the dicks / i hope you get drafted [7" ep peace?] on the dicks label.
10:13 PM- flamin groovies / gonna rock tonite [flamingo] on the kama sutra records label.
10:09 PM- the flakes / shake/ hold on I'm coming [back to school] on the dollar record records label.