ktru playsheet


from Fri 12/16/2011 05:08:00 PM until Fri 12/16/2011 07:00:00 AM

time- artist / song [album]

07:02 PM- My Bloody Valentine / Paint a Rainbow [This is Your Bloody Valentine] on the Shoefig label.
06:59 PM- I, Ludicrous / Prepostrous Tales [I, Ludicrous] on the McCarthyism label.
06:54 PM- Spearmint / Sweeping the Nation [Blondie] on the Capitol label.
06:48 PM- Eggs / Government Administrator [7"] on the TeenBeat label.
06:45 PM- Television Personalities / Look Back in Anger [And Don't The Kids Just Love It] on the Rough Trade label.
06:42 PM- The June Brides / Every Conversation [Kisses for Petunia] on the Hugabug label.
06:37 PM- Camera Obscura / Eighties Fan [Rough Trade Guide to Indie-Pop] on the Rough Trade label.
06:35 PM- The Vaselines / Molly's Lips [The Way of the Vaselines] on the Sup Pop label.
06:32 PM- Aislers Set / Mission Bells [How I Learned to Write Backwards] on the Slumberland label.
06:26 PM- Beulah / Emma's Blowgun's Last Stand [Peel Session] on the BBC1 label.
06:20 PM- Modesty Blaise / Carol Mountain [7"] on the Rough Trade label.
06:17 PM- The Minders / Golden Street [Golden Street] on the Spin/ART label.
06:14 PM- The Magnetic Fields / 100,000 Fireflies [The Wayward Bus] on the Merge label.
06:09 PM- Life Without Buildings / The Leanover [Any Other City] on the Rough Trade label.
06:06 PM- The Motifs / Dots [The Motifs] on the Music is My Girlfriend label.
06:04 PM- Grandaddy / For the Dishwasher [Concrete Dunes] on the Columbia label.
05:57 PM- The Wild Moccasins / Mailman [Grey Ghost] on the Grey Ghost label.
05:54 PM- The Diskettes / [You Already Have Too Many CD-Rs] on the Asaurus label.
05:51 PM- This Poison! / Poised Over the Pause Button [Rough Trade Shops: Indiepop 1] on the Rough Trade label.
05:47 PM- Saturday Looks Good To Me / Untitled / Meet Me By The Water [All Your Summer Songs] on the Polyvinyl label.
05:43 PM- Ladybug Transistor / Galveston [Kindercore Singles Club] on the Kindercore label.
05:40 PM- Pants Yell! / Tram #7 to Heaven [Asaurus EP Club #10] on the Asaurus label.
05:37 PM- BMX Bandits / Tugboat [Snowstorm: A Tribute to Galaxie 500] on the The Fucking 90s label.
05:32 PM- Black Spartacus / OTT (Train Song) [7th Dream of the Leviathan] on the Asaurus label.
05:29 PM- Love is All / Bigger Bolder [Two Thousand and Ten Injuries] on the Polyvinyl label.
05:26 PM- Belle and Sebastian / Seeing Other People [If You're Feeling Sinister: Live at the Barbican] on the All Tomorrow's Parties label.
05:21 PM- 14 Iced Bears / Balloon Song [In The Beginning] on the Sarah label.
05:16 PM- The Field Mice / Sensitive [There And Back Again Lane: Sarah 100] on the Sarah label.
05:08 PM- Galaxie 500 / Don't Let Our Youth Go To Waste [Copenhagen] on the Rough Trade label.