ktru playsheet

Jeff P.

from Thu 05/11/2017 05:54:00 PM until Thu 05/11/2017 07:00:00 PM

time- artist / song [album]

06:57 PM- the toasters / what a gwan [one more bullet] on the stomp label.
06:54 PM- liberator / kick de bucket [worldwide delivery] on the burning heart label.
06:52 PM- bim skala bim / set me up [the one that got away] on the beatville label.
06:49 PM- blue meanies / it doesn't matter [kiss your ass goodbye] on the blue meanies label.
06:45 PM- alpha boy school / perfect situation [perfect situation] on the moonstomp label.
06:44 PM- slim smith & the uniques / people get ready [attack collection volume 1] on the attack label.
06:40 PM- rancid / hooligans [all the moon stompers] on the epitaph label.
06:38 PM- desmond dekker & the aces / rudy got soul [rudy got soul: the early beverley's sessions] on the beverley's label.
06:35 PM- the specials / monkey man [the specials] on the chrysalis label.
06:33 PM- the slackers / by the time i get to sleep [the slackers] on the the slackers label.
06:30 PM- bad manners / special brew [the bad manners collection] on the one media label.
06:26 PM- prince buster / hard man fe dead [ska and rocksteady collection] on the prince buster label.
06:23 PM- desmond dekker / beautiful and dangerous [trojan rocksteady collection] on the trojan label.
06:21 PM- the specials / a message to you rudy [the best of the specials] on the parlophone label.
06:18 PM- the fenicians / sac-o-woe [stoned moments] on the the fenicians label.
06:17 PM- dan p and the bricks / sweat for it [watch where you walk] on the dan potthast label.
06:15 PM- common rider / carry on [last wave rockers] on the common rider label.
06:15 PM- less than jake / three quarts drunk [pezcore] on the sleep it off label.
06:11 PM- the interrupters / by my side [say it out loud] on the hellcat label.
06:10 PM- roy & millie / we'll meet [60s ska explosion] on the goldenlane label.
06:05 PM- tim armstrong / into action [a poets life] on the hellcat label.
06:02 PM- kayo malayo / tu i jo [ep 2014] on the kasba label.
05:59 PM- yebo / skayatollah [eastern standard time] on the pork pie label.
05:55 PM- The Liptones / Can't Resist [The meaning of Life] on the amty label.