ktru playsheet

Treasures of the 60's

from Wed 01/26/2005 09:00:00 PM until Wed 01/26/2005 10:00:00 PM

time- artist / song [album]

09:58 PM- kaliedoscope / hestitation blues [side trips] on the edsel label.
09:49 PM- (request) mountain / taunta / nantucket sleighride [nantucket sleighride] on the windfall label.
09:48 PM- bobby eaton / we gonna do our thing [get your lie straight: red hot groves from galaxy records] on the BGP label.
09:44 PM- love / she comes in colors [da capo] on the elektra label.
09:41 PM- kak / electric sailor [kak] on the epic label.
09:39 PM- (request) shangri-las / sophisticated boom boom [golden hits] on the mercury label.
09:37 PM- youngbloods / sugar babe [zabriske point (soundtrack)] on the mca label.
09:34 PM- cindermen / don't knock it [boulders 7] on the moxie label.
09:30 PM- can / vitamin C [ege bamyasi] on the mute label.
09:28 PM- roy head / when i marry sunshine [treat her right: best of roy head] on the varese label.
09:26 PM- carla thomas / i like it [hidden gems] on the stax label.
09:21 PM- slade / how d'you ride? [slayed?] on the polydor label.
09:21 PM- beatles / and your bird can sing [revolver] on the apples label.
09:17 PM- the underdogs / get down on your knees [friday at the hideout 1964-67] on the norton label.
09:13 PM- deviants / charlie [ptoof!] on the alive label.
09:08 PM- pretty things / s.f. sorrow is born [s.f. sorrow] on the original masters label.
09:06 PM- dr. john / woman is the root of all evil [cut me while i'm hot: sixties sessions] on the djm label.
09:05 PM- troggs / give it to me [greatest hits] on the spectrum label.
09:05 PM- the byrds / captain soul [fifth dimension] on the columbia label.