ktru playsheet

RosaG, BrendanM, ScottB
mutant hardcore flower hour

from Thu 08/16/2018 10:02:00 PM until Thu 08/16/2018 01:00:00 AM

time- artist / song [album]

01:06 AM- sonic youth / madonna, sean and me [evol] on the sst label.
01:01 AM- ciccone youth / burning up [ep] on the blast first label.
12:59 AM- ozzy osbourne / suicide solution [blizzard of oz] on the jet label.
12:58 AM- the undertones / teenage kicks [the undertones] on the sire label.
12:51 AM- the explosives / se apago [los explosivos] on the si label.
12:49 AM- the jesus and mary chain / cracking up [21 singles] on the wb label.
12:44 AM- dri / how to act [dealing with it] on the beer city label.
12:43 AM- stray cats / rumble in brighton [greatest hits] on arista the label.
12:42 AM- the cult / lil' devil [electric] on the sire label.
12:36 AM- bad sports / get you [bras] on the dirtnap label.
12:35 AM- the replacements / skyway [pleased to meet me] on the sire label.
12:33 AM- the nomads / let's go to the dragstrip [thingmaker] on the gearhead label.
12:32 AM- the cure / world war [boys don't cry] on the pvc label.
12:30 AM- misfits / we are 138 [collection 2] on the ruby label.
12:25 AM- dead weather / i cut like a buffalo [7"] on the third man label.
12:22 AM- jack o fire / almost grown [10"] on the sympathy label.
12:21 AM- detroit cobras / green light [tied and true] on the bloodshot label.
12:17 AM- the germs / lexicon devil [gi] on the slash label.
12:15 AM- spoon / claws tracking [telephono] on the matador label.
12:14 AM- the sons of hercules / still waitin' [a different kind of ugly] on the saustex label.
12:11 AM- manhole / final blow [7"] on the direct hit label.
12:05 AM- Black Flag / Modern Man [Who's Got the 10 1/2?] on the SST label.
11:55 PM- The Who / A Quick One While He's Away [Happy Jack] on the Decca label.
11:50 PM- Wonderer / It's Hard To Be A Dad [David's Town - 11 Original Hits From Byrdesdale Spa, UK!] on the Matador label.
11:42 PM- Spacemen 3 / Rollercoaster [Sound of Confusion] on the Fire Records label.
11:35 PM- David Bowie / Ziggy Stardust + Suffagette City [The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust] on the Parlophone label.
11:31 PM- ZZ Top / El Diablo [Tejas] on the London label.
11:26 PM- Dead Moon / Fire in The Western World [Strange Pray Tell] on the Music Manic Recrod label.
11:24 PM- The White Stripes / Cannon [The White Stripes] on the XL Recordings label.
11:22 PM- The Ramones / Havana Affair [Ramones] on the Sire label.
11:17 PM- New York Dolls / It's Too Late [In Too Much, Too Soon] on the Mercury label.
11:07 PM- Pink Floyd / Pigs (Three Different Ones) [Animals] on the Columbia label.
11:05 PM- Pavement / Scilence Kit [Crooked Rain Crooked Rain] on the Matador label.
11:01 PM- fleshtones / let's live [b\w available] on the yep rock label.
10:58 PM- gold / no parking [v/a brown acid the 6th trip] on the riding easy label.
10:56 PM- poison 13 / warsaw [7"] on the subpop label.
10:52 PM- los juniors / ven, ven frankenstein [v/a wild mexico vol. 1] on the pinche discos label.
10:43 PM- elvis costello / watching the detectives [7"] on the columbia label.
10:40 PM- the pretty things / rosalyn [midnight to six] on the norton label.
10:37 PM- vex / class act [e/p houston punk 83-84 new words for an old revolution] on the hot box review label.
10:34 PM- dr. feelgood / she does it right [comp dr. feelgood all through the city with wilko 74-77] on the emi label.
10:32 PM- lexicon devils / insane attraction [e/p vegetative state] on the agrowax label.
10:30 PM- mouse and the traps / a public execution [public execution] on the eva records label.
10:27 PM- nick lowe / little hitler [basher the best of nick lowe] on the columbia label.
10:22 PM- the new christs / born out of time [7" b/w no next time] on the citadel label.
10:14 PM- the real kids / reggae reggae [the real kids] on the norton label.
10:11 PM- the ramones / loudmouth [ramones] on the sire label.
10:09 PM- she / the monkees [more of the monkees] on the colgems label.
10:07 PM- roky erickson and the aliens / i think up demons [i have always been here before a roky erickson anthology] on the shout factory label.
10:04 PM- the kids / nowadaze kids [comp: the [real] kids the kids nov 74 demos the real kids 77 demos] on the crypt label.