ktru playsheet

Chickenskin Music

from Thu 04/05/2001 08:00:00 PM until Thu 04/05/2001 10:00:00 PM

time- artist / song [album]

09:56PM- darcie deaville / catch the ball [tornado in slo mo]

09:51PM- marley's ghost / going to the west [live at the freight]

09:47PM- joe lemay & sherri reese / katie dear [maryville]

09:46PM- john gorka / shape of the world [the company you keep]
09:41PM- michael smith / painted horse [there]

09:34PM- john hammond / big black mariah [wicked grin]

09:29PM- steve forbert / HOUSE OF CARDS [young guitar days]

09:25PM- geoff muldaur / GOT TO FIND BLIND LEMON

09:20PM- jason eklund / motel thin [lost causeway]
09:15PM- jim stringer qnd the am band / leave my woman alone [on the radio]

09:12PM- calvanes / traveling stranger [in harmony]

09:08PM- annie humphrey / spirit horses [the heron smiled]

09:05PM- roxy gordon / smaller circles
smaller circles [smaller circles]

09:00PM- denice franke / 100 miles from mexico [COMFORT]
08:55PM- the watchamn / courage courage [melanchollicus realisticus]

08:49PM- eric taylor / delia-bad news
delia-bad news [scuffletown]
08:41PM- mannix / feel the way i do [live in station performance]

08:36PM- mannix / bellrose hill [live in station performance]

08:31PM- mannix / geraldine [live in station]
08:26PM- slaid cleaves / bring it on [broke down]

08:20PM- slaid cleaves / breakfast in hell [broke down]

08:17PM- peter keane / illegal man [another kind of blue]

08:16PM- peter keane / columbus avenue [another kind of blue]
08:08PM- tal farlow / my shining hour [trinity]

08:03PM- tommy elskes / breaux bridge [bohemia]

08:00PM- bobby earl smith / muleshoe [rear view window]

07:59PM- bobby earl smith / i'm walkin the dog [rear view windoew]

07:58PM- john hartford / turn you radio on [--]