ktru playsheet


from Mon 12/04/2017 11:00:00 PM until Mon 12/04/2017 12:00:00 AM

time- artist / song [album]

11:58 PM- Umsvartner / The Trollish Mirror [The Trollish Mirror Mirror] on the Metal Blade Records label.
11:54 PM- Asmegin / Over Agurs Vidstragte Sletter [Af Helvegum] on the Napalm Records label.
11:48 PM- ONWARD / The Seven Tides of Labryinthine [Reawaken] on the Century Media Records label.
11:44 PM- Forest Stream / Autumn Elegy [TEARS OF MORTAL SOLITUDE] on the Elitist label.
11:37 PM- KATAKLYSM / Renaissance [THE PROPHECY (stigmata of the immaculate)] on the NUCLEAR BLAST label.
11:32 PM- Coffin Texts / Ethereal Conjuration [Gods of Creation, Death, and Afterlife] on the Dwell Records label.
11:28 PM- Carnal Forge / Fuel For Fire [Please... Die!] on the Century Media Records label.
11:24 PM- Carnal Forge / Hand of Doom [Please... Die!] on the Century Media Records label.
11:19 PM- INTENSE / Midnight Sun [Midnight Sun] on the Round About Records Inc. label.
11:14 PM- BORKNAGAR / The Genuine Pulse [EMPIRICISM] on the Century Media Records label.
11:06 PM- Excommunion / Rendering the Demon Gate [Superion] on the World War III label.
11:01 PM- Hypnos / Sacrilegious [In Blood We Trust] on the Morbid Records label.