ktru playsheet

AdamO, Miao

from Mon 02/03/2020 07:00:00 AM until Mon 02/03/2020 08:00:00 AM

time- artist / song [album]

08:00 PM- peach kelli pop / heart eyes [peach kelli pop III] on the burger records label.
07:56 PM- pickwick / never gonna be enough [lovejoys] on the small press label.
07:53 PM- steel blossoms / revenge [steel blossoms] on the billy jam records label.
07:46 PM- impala, tame / eventually [currents] on the interscope label.
07:42 PM- turnover / much after feeling [altogether] on the run for cover label.
07:39 PM- el perro del mar / god knows (you gotta give to get) [s/t] on the TCG control group label.
07:38 PM- la louma / simple things [let the world be flooded out] on the bitchwave label.
07:33 PM- pure bathing culture / pray for rain [pray for rain] on the partisan label.
07:29 PM- mattson 2, the / shell beach [paradise] on the company label.
07:27 PM- letters letters / want to [letters letters] on the type label.
07:25 PM- v/a / lucienne delyle [paris cafe] on the putumayo label.
07:21 PM- toro y moi / chi chi [underneath the pine] on the carpark label.
07:15 PM- y la bamba / rios sueltos [entre los dos] on the tender loving empire label.
07:12 PM- blood orange / runnin' [negro swan] on the domino recording co. label.
07:09 PM- clooney, rosemary / road to morocco [still on the road] on the concord jazz label.
07:05 PM- gil, gilberto / cerebro electronico [gilberto gil] on the water label.
07:03 PM- les loanges / pale [la nuit est une panthere] on the s/r label.