ktru playsheet

AnnaT, your name here

from Mon 02/22/2016 03:00:00 PM until Mon 02/22/2016 04:00:00 PM

time- artist / song [album]

03:55 PM- small black / checkpoints [best blues] on the jagjaguwar label.
03:50 PM- rollercoasterwater / glideboy 64 [dripping retina] on the self-released (charles behring) label.
03:43 PM- jim snidero / cp view [urban tales] on the square discs label.
03:40 PM- divine fits / would that not be nice [a thing called divine fits] on the merge label.
03:36 PM- chappo / i'm not ready [future former self] on the votiv label.
03:34 PM- meat wave / cosmic zoo [delusion moon] on the sideonedummy records label.
03:30 PM- dog fashion disco / love song for a witch [commited to a bright future] on the spitfire label.
03:24 PM- steve hauschlidt / eyelids gently dreaming [where all is fled] on the invisible hands label.
03:18 PM- schoolboy q / the purge [oxymoron] on the top dog ent./ interscope label.
03:16 PM- death by unga bunga / lesson learned the hard way [tell me why] on the jansen label.
03:12 PM- baroness / shock me [purple] on the abraxan hymns label.
03:06 PM- django django / hail bop [s/t] on the because/ribbon label.
03:01 PM- calamity and the owl / sulfur and iron [of wicked splendor] on the jokertown label.