ktru playsheet


from Thu 03/11/2004 02:59:00 PM until Thu 03/11/2004 05:00:00 PM

time- artist / song [album]

04:57 PM- hood / you're worth the whole world [cold house] on the aesthetics/domino label.
04:56 PM- retconned / live at the driverdome [game sounds] on the stickfigure/volume one label.
04:55 PM- coin / the park [architects of character] on the anallog label.
04:54 PM- v/a / la tumba de villa [the devil's swing: ballads from the big bend country of the texas-mexican border] on the arhoolie label.
04:53 PM- philip glass / amazon river [aguas da amazonia] on the point music label.
04:24 PM- evolution control committee / no time for yes [plagiarythm nation] on the seeland label.
04:24 PM- hydroponic sound system / hydro soundclash [grids/loops/intersections] on the alternate take label.
04:19 PM- anna oxygen / scientist [all your faded things] on the cold crush records label.
04:19 PM- dan milner / leave her, johnny, leave her [irish ballads and songs of the sea] on the folk-legacy records label.
04:12 PM- ladytron / commodore rock [604] on the emporer norton label.
04:00 PM- lax, robert / a radio masque for my girl coming down from northampton [wake up re:lax] on the intermedium label.
03:57 PM- avey tare / misused barber [spilt 12"] on the fat cat records label.
03:53 PM- liars / broken witch [they were wrong so we drowned] on the mute label.
03:53 PM- quench / scid [punctuated] on the n5md label.
03:36 PM- nTX + Electric / walk through fire [We Are The Wild Beast] on the Girlgang Records label.
03:30 PM- ben lee / my turntable [away with the pixies] on the fellaheen label.
03:28 PM- boxhead ensemble / track 6 [quartets] on the atavistic label.
03:16 PM- gergis, mark / syria today: news august 2003 [i remember syria] on the mush label.
03:15 PM- supersonic / filters [wall to wall moustache] on the sire label.
03:06 PM- mammal / skin tricks [double nature] on the snse label.
03:06 PM- fog / melted crayons [hummer] on the ninja tune label.