ktru playsheet

Kid's Show

from Sat 11/09/2002 12:00:00 PM until Sat 11/09/2002 01:00:00 PM

time- artist / song [album]

01:01 PM- pete seeger / sometimes i feel like a motherless child [folk songs for young people] on the smithsonian folkways recordings label.
12:58 PM- langley school music department / saturday night [innocence & despair] on the bar-none label.
12:53 PM- shel silverstein / thumbsucker [freakin at the freakers ball] on the bmi label.
12:47 PM- ren & stimpy / i wanna be a dj [radio daze] on the kid rhino label.
12:46 PM- dr. seuss singers? dunno / plinker plunker [the cat in the hat songbook] on the rca camden label.
12:43 PM- bruce haack / word game [hush little robot] on the q.d.k. label.
12:39 PM- mister rogers / a place of my own [a place of our own] on the mister rogers 'neighborhood label.
12:31 PM- teletubbies / puddle dance, twisty dance, running away dance [teletubbies the album] on the kid rhino label.
12:30 PM- miss piggy / pigs in space [the sound of innocents and imagination vol. 2] on the ? label.
12:24 PM- v/a / day O [reggae for kids] on the ras label.
12:21 PM- the kids from sesame street / love [love] on the ? label.
12:15 PM- v/a / weird songs.. about 5 of em [sounds for little ones] on the dish label.
12:13 PM- tom chapin / bubblin in the bath [great big fun] on the sundance label.
12:13 PM- james kochalka / monkey vs. robot [monkey vs. robot] on the tarquin label.
12:09 PM- powderpuff girls / boogie man [city of soundsville] on the clermont label.
12:08 PM- john linnell / oregon [state songs] on the zoe label.
12:06 PM- edward lear / funny faces [book of nonsense] on the maxima label.