ktru playsheet


from Thu 06/18/2009 10:00:00 AM until Thu 06/18/2009 02:00:00 PM

time- artist / song [album]

02:00 PM- glass, philip / music in similar motion [two pages] on the elektra label.
01:55 PM- luna / malibu love nest [rendezvous] on the jetset label.
01:51 PM- kaito / enemyline [band red] on the spin art label.
01:48 PM- idyll swords / silver silk [s/t] on the the communion label label.
01:42 PM- saunders, bryan lewis / n1-n3 [n1-n4 variations: vocal documentation from all four sleep stages] on the stand-up tragedy records label.
01:40 PM- mosquitos / dream awake [sunshine barato] on the bar none label.
01:36 PM- idaho / sliding past [the bayonet ep] on the fingerpaint records label.
01:33 PM- terrible eagle / say yes [blackwater] on the s/r label.
01:29 PM- kruth, john / lady jane [the cherry electric] on the weasel disc label.
01:24 PM- slim moon / love to drink [won't you dance with this man] on the kill rock stars label.
01:20 PM- waldo the dog faced boy / gnomes [tingle] on the win records label.
01:16 PM- holtkamp, koen / half light [field rituals] on the type recordings label.
01:13 PM- doktor kosmos / rocktail [cocktail] on the minty fresh label.
01:10 PM- quasi / don't destroy this night [score!] on the merge label.
01:03 PM- wild west picture show / wicked world [romona's flophouse] on the flying possum label.
01:01 PM- last poets / when the revolution comes [douglas 3] on the metrotone label.
12:58 PM- napioe, tiannhe / teaa moy ki ae einai wema [toga ypammata] on the minos label.
12:54 PM- starlight mints / inside of me [drowaton] on the barsuk label.
12:50 PM- fellows, christine / vertebrae [paper anniversary] on the six shooter records label.
12:47 PM- city center / gladest [s/t] on the type label.
12:42 PM- williams, keller / better than reality [dance] on the sci fidelity label.
12:36 PM- gunn, steve / imi the king [sundowner] on the digitalis label.
12:33 PM- banhart, davendra / legless love [oh me oh my... the way the day goes by the sun is setting dogs are dreaming lovesongs of the christmas spirit] on the young god label.
12:31 PM- nakamura, toshimaru & english / plant signs [one day] on the erstwhile label.
12:29 PM- vampire weekend / mansard roof [s/t] on the xl label.
12:23 PM- bonga / kubangela [74] on the tinder records label.
12:19 PM- department of eagles, the / family romance [the cold nose] on the american dust label.
12:15 PM- storsveit nix noltes / atmadja duma strachilu [royal family divorce] on the fat cat label.
12:11 PM- yo la tengo / danelectro 3 [danelectro] on the matador label.
12:08 PM- jefferson, blind lemon / blind lemon's penitentiary blues [s/t] on the milestone label.
12:06 PM- at the drive in / proxima centauri [vaya] on the fearless label.
12:04 PM- cosi, valerio / study for saxophone and electronics [heavy electronic pacific rock] on the digitalis label.
11:58 AM- elf power / the well [a dream in sound] on the arena rock label.
11:56 AM- stars of the lid / austin texas mental hospital pt 1 [the tired sounds of] on the kranky label.
11:53 AM- the aluminum group / tom of finland [pelo] on the hefty records label.
11:49 AM- toral, rafael / harmonic series 0 [harmonic series lp] on the table of elements label.
11:46 AM- desoto reds / the gardener [hanglide thru yer window] on the floating man label.
11:44 AM- ford, larry / stay away from me [my bluegrass memories] on the s/r label.
11:39 AM- lateef and the chief / ambush [maroons: ambush] on the quannum label.
11:34 AM- weston, veryan / out of the mood [allusions] on the emanem label.
11:33 AM- little red car wreck / static cling [motor like a mother] on the yoyo recordings label.
11:30 AM- guitars / it's probably inevitable [white night white night] on the self-released label.
11:27 AM- wax / just a visitor [13 unlucky numbers] on the cargo records label.
11:26 AM- dagar brothers / alapa part 1 [shiva mahadeva] on the pan records label.
11:17 AM- the lisa marr experiment / donna lee [4 am] on the sympathy records label.
11:11 AM- mono / follow the map [hymn to the immortal wind] on the temporary residence label.
11:07 AM- dj t-rock / what i like [who's your daddy] on the bomb hip-hop label.
11:03 AM- group bombino / boghassa [music of niger: guitars from agadez: vol. 2] on the sublime frequencies label.
10:59 AM- love camp 7 / moving toward byzantium [where the green ends] on the bowlmor label.
10:52 AM- krallice / timehusk [krallice] on the profound lore label.
10:49 AM- luther and toby / absinthe on a bicycle [karny sutra] on the hit thing label.
10:46 AM- bad brains / banned in dc [bad brains] on the roir label.
10:42 AM- alpha blondy and the solar system / new dawn [yitzhak rabin] on the lightyear label.
10:39 AM- essex green / by the sea [the long goodbye] on the merge label.
10:31 AM- ghosh, suman / om namo bhagwatey: sanskrit pad in raag bhaimapalasi [live recordings from concerts in usa] on the s/r label.
10:28 AM- pleasant, wally / let's play life [wally world] on the miranda label.
10:23 AM- dj spooky and dave lombardo / incipit zarathustra [drums of death] on the thirtsy ear label.
10:19 AM- fields, lee & the expressions / do you love me [my world] on the truth and soul label.
10:14 AM- watson, lee bob / 1958 [aficionado] on the grass roots records label.
10:05 AM- adams, john / grand pianola music part 1A [chamber symphony/grand pianola music] on the elektra records label.