ktru playsheet


from Thu 07/30/2009 10:00:00 AM until Thu 07/30/2009 02:00:00 PM

time- artist / song [album]

02:02 PM- bosco & jorge / sorta play that sorta stuff [s/t] on the explain label.
01:56 PM- electronic humans guild / teletextual [s/t] on the robosapien label.
01:49 PM- parker, evan / aerobatics 2 [saxophone solos] on the psi label.
01:44 PM- durutti column, the / sketch for summer [the return of the durutti column] on the factory once/london records label.
01:37 PM- cosi, valerio / study for saxophone and electronics [heavy electronic pacific rock] on the digitalis label.
01:32 PM- dierdre / lolita nie en bloc [one] on the six degrees label.
01:28 PM- lukie d / jamaican version [don't deny me] on the anansi records label.
01:24 PM- tambersauro / flashback to a mere point in time [box=box] on the esotype label.
01:18 PM- people band / soho studio 5 [69/70] on the emanem label.
01:15 PM- summer hymns / ice age world [backward masks] on the misra label.
01:11 PM- hardy, jack / the zephyr [civil wars] on the great divide records label.
01:10 PM- swingin neckbreakers / the girl can't help it [shake break] on the telstar label.
01:08 PM- pedestrian deposit / you didn't break me [austere] on the monorail trespassing label.
12:59 PM- le mans / la tarea [le mans/entresemana] on the grimsey label.
12:54 PM- legendary pink dots / cheating the shadow [nemesis online] on the soleilmoon label.
12:47 PM- sharks and sailors / cliffs [builds brand new] on the s/r label.
12:44 PM- royksopp / what else is there [royksopp's night out] on the astralwerks/virgin label.
12:41 PM- moe! staiano's moelkestra / conducted improvisations [2 rooms] on the edgetone label.
12:37 PM- nerf herder / vivian [how to meet girls] on the honest don's label.
12:34 PM- fernandez, agusti / secondo [un llamp que no s'acaba mai] on the psi label.
12:32 PM- vampire weekend / mansard roof [s/t] on the xl label.
12:27 PM- oaxacan / track three [oaxland] on the majmua label.
12:21 PM- elf power / the well [a dream in sound] on the arena rock label.
12:14 PM- mukherjea, kalyan / raga shukla bilawal [sarod] on the india archive music ltd. label.
12:09 PM- del tha funkee homosapien / dr. bombay [the elektra years: b-boy handbook] on the elektra label.
12:06 PM- mono / follow the map [hymn to the immortal wind] on the temporary residence label.
12:05 PM- the blow / the moon is there, i am here [bonus album] on the k label.
11:55 PM- novak, yann / untitled [in residence] on the dragons eye recording label.
11:53 AM- friends of dean martinez / hidden out of sight [lost horizon] on the aero recordings label.
11:50 AM- muzak john / story? song [lo-fi ? acoustic] on the s/r label.
11:47 AM- beautiful people ltd. / a coruscation [s/t] on the sub rosa label.
11:45 AM- matthew shipp trio / orb [harmonic disorder] on the thirsty ear label.
11:41 AM- flaming sideburns, the / ungrounded confusion [save rock 'n' roll] on the jetset label.
11:37 AM- drop trio / wallawalla [big dipper] on the s/r label.
11:30 AM- animal collective / the purple bottle [feels] on the fat cat label.
11:27 AM- of / agate cups [rocks will open] on the digitalis label.
11:26 AM- marumari / eight7 [balad of the round ball] on the carpark label.
11:18 AM- mouthful of bees / please and thank you [s/t] on the afternoon records label.
11:17 AM- experimental dental school / some 4 [hideous dance attack!!!] on the load label.
11:15 AM- mali, taylor / playground love [poems from the like free zone] on the words worth ink label.
11:12 AM- pleasant, wally / let's play life [wally world] on the miranda records label.
11:02 AM- louisiana red / i'm lonesome [sittin here wonderin] on the earwig label.
10:58 AM- dancing french liberals of '48 / spit in your eye [powerline] on the revenge records label.
10:55 AM- 900x / the black beach [volume 1:music for lubbock, 1980] on the asthmatic kitty label.
10:52 AM- livehuman / elephants' bliss [elefish jellyphant] on the matador label.
10:49 AM- bruce eisenbeil sextet / cues to the vagabond [inner constellation vol. 1] on the nemu label.
10:45 AM- dawson, kimya / blue like nevermind [hidden vagenda] on the k label.
10:40 AM- barbieri, gato / in search of the mystery [in search of mystery] on the esp-disk label.
10:35 AM- luxurious bags / 12 miles back [frayed knots] on the twisted village label.
10:32 AM- rodrigo y gabriela / tamacun [s/t] on the ato label.
10:31 AM- marquis de tren and bonny prince billy / 25 [get on jolly] on the palace records label.
10:27 AM- helton, thomas / oh no! [saga] on the freebase productions label.
10:24 AM- daedelus / unadventurer [throw a fit] on the alpha pup records label.
10:20 AM- infant mortality rate / and I missed you, kill me [radio-electronics] on the mayday records label.
10:12 AM- no neck blues band / witch [intonomancy] on the sound @ 1 label.
10:05 AM- adams, john / on the great divide [chamber symphony/grand pianola music] on the electra nonesuch label.