ktru playsheet


from Mon 02/24/2014 12:00:00 AM until Mon 02/24/2014 02:00:00 AM

time- artist / song [album]

01:53 AM- nohome / one [nohome] on the trost label.
01:53 AM- eels / i like the way this is going [tomorrow morning] on the e works records label.
01:52 AM- andy narell / roule quadrille [sakesho] on the heads up label.
01:37 AM- gardens & villa / avalanche [dunes] on the secretly canadian label.
01:31 AM- dj kiva / nandi [degrees of freedom] on the adios babylon label.
01:28 AM- earlimart / dreaming of... [everyone down here] on the whoreticulture music label.
01:27 AM- django django / hail bop [django django] on the because ribbon label.
01:23 AM- eleni mandell / just a dream [afternoon] on the zedtone label.
01:16 AM- dj me and dj you / salsa and microchips [eenie meenie] on the can you see the music label.
01:11 AM- fat tony / hood party [smart ass black boy] on the young one label.
01:08 AM- balkan beat box / move it [blue eyed black boy] on the nat geo music label.
01:04 AM- queen ifrica / coconut shell [montego bay] on the vp label.
01:00 AM- jprizm / writer's block [mindwalker] on the komatoast label.
12:57 AM- blevin blectum / saturnray [talon slalom] on the deluxe label.
12:54 AM- on an on / the hunter [give in] on the roll call records label.
12:50 AM- seawolf / song for the dead [dangerbird] on the leaves in the river label.
12:49 AM- a family light / westward [buxton] on the mia kat empire label.
12:43 AM- beirut / carousel [lon gisland ep] on the ba da bing label.
12:38 AM- ty segall / sweet c. c. [sleeper] on the drag city label.
12:36 AM- platinum reggae / girl a say [volume one] on the artists only records label.
12:31 AM- laura stevenson / eleonora [wheel] on the don giovanni label.
12:25 AM- band of horses / the funeral [everything all the time] on the sub pop label.
12:20 AM- sao paulo underground / ol' dirty hummingbird [beija flors velho e sujo] on the cuneiform records label.
12:19 AM- below the sea / we waved goodbye and stared [les arbres depayseront davantage] on the where are my records label.
12:16 AM- de kift / tabee [de kift] on the north east indie label.
12:09 AM- the cripple / left over legs [la bate] on the magnolia recoring company label.
12:04 AM- vex ruffin / it will come [s/t] on the stones throw label.
12:02 AM- deerhoof / c [milk man] on the kill rock stars label.