ktru playsheet


from Wed 10/15/2003 03:00:00 PM until Wed 10/15/2003 05:00:00 PM

time- artist / song [album]

04:56 PM- magical power mako / blue dot ii [bluedot] on the atavistic label.
04:53 PM- emad sayyah / houllou houlou [modern belly dance music from lebanon vol 5] on the ARC music productions label.
04:50 PM- atari teenage riot / sick to death [burn berlin burn!] on the grand royal label.
04:48 PM- casiotone for the painfully alone / casiotone for the painfully alone in a yellow tshirt [twinkle echo] on the tomlab label.
04:43 PM- on an ocean amp / kingyo no yume [(in japanese)] on the forget your name label.
04:39 PM- mu-ziq / grape nut beats (pt1) [bilious paths] on the planet mu label.
04:25 PM- black dice / sea bird [beaches and canyons] on the DFA label.
04:24 PM- les georges leningrad / lollipop lady [deux hot dogs moutarde chou] on the blow the fuse label.
04:19 PM- nephilim modulation systems / fendi show bomber [woe to thee, land whose king is a child] on the big dada label.
04:12 PM- cake like / karate chop [come n' play] on the vapor label.
04:04 PM- noah creshevsky / variations [man and superman] on the centaur records label.
04:03 PM- the user / }}}}}}}}}--------------}}}}}- [symphony #2 for dot matrix printers] on the asphodel label.
04:02 PM- mensah, joe / bosoe [rough guide to highlife] on the world music network label.
03:43 PM- suk jun kim / sudden cry [presence II] on the PeP label.
03:40 PM- asha bhosle / kali ghata chhaye [the rough guide to bollywood legends: asha bhosle] on the world music network label.
03:37 PM- minimal effort / carpool lane [as sequened by humans] on the bank of india studios label.
03:36 PM- nordine, ken / freckles [wink] on the asphodel label.
03:31 PM- surya / gap [music to watch] on the soleilmoon recordings label.
03:18 PM- rick reed / music for the rothko chapel (part 2) [music for the rothko chapel] on the beta - lactam ring label.
03:14 PM- Quintron / intro / space/ flock of witches/ crickets [drum buddy vol 1] on the rhinestone records/ skin graft label.
03:11 PM- barmitzvah brothers / pump #4 [the night of the party] on the robosapien label.
03:06 PM- us maple / whoopee invader [purple on time] on the drag city label.