ktru playsheet

AlecW, GrahamH

from Wed 04/01/2015 08:00:00 AM until Wed 04/01/2015 10:00:00 AM

time- artist / song [album]

09:50 AM- acid / clean [liminal] on the infectious label.
09:43 AM- rev louis overstreet with his sons and the congregation of st. luke's powerhouse church of god in christ / getting richer [rev louis overstreet with his sons and the congregatin of st luke's powerhouse church of god in christ] on the arhoolie label.
09:33 AM- the art of morun khur / asar [world music library] on the king record label.
09:31 AM- silvano ramos / el corrido de texas [corridos and tragedias de la frontera] on the arhoolie label.
09:26 AM- ty segall / femme fatale [singles] on the drag city label.
09:22 AM- pink mountaintops / new teenage mutilation [get back] on the jagjaguwar label.
09:19 AM- various / ramadan with crowbar [radio palestine: sounds of the eastern mediterraneans] on the sublime frequencies label.
09:16 AM- lucky peterson / repo man [triple play] on the alligator label.
09:12 AM- thee oh sees / the lens [drop] on the castleface label.
09:09 AM- therese aune / we will never be the ones [billowing shadows, flickering light] on the red eye transit label.
09:05 AM- steady rollin bob margolin / boston driving blues [down in the ally] on the alligator records label.
08:52 AM- acid baby jesus / ayahuasca blues [selected recordings] on the slovenly label.
08:50 AM- elephant stone / intermediate state [the three poisons] on the hidden pony label.
08:47 AM- lily & madeleine / goodbye to anyone [lily & madeleine] on the asthmatic kitty records label.
08:46 AM- cloakroom / sylph [further out] on the run for cover label.
08:43 AM- honeybay eswards / water coast blues [delta bluesman] on the eavwig label.
08:40 AM- dane, barbara and lightening hopkins / don't push me (til you find out what i want) [sometimes i beleive she loves me] on the arhoolie label.
08:36 AM- guy clark / hank williams said it best [dublin blues] on the aylum records label.
08:25 AM- sola and wu man / death [china collage] on the disk union label.
08:17 AM- the secret museum of mankind / ethnic music classics [sweden] on the yazao label.
08:12 AM- ron wild kingdm levy / sons of abraham [zim zam zoom] on the bulls eye blues records label.
08:11 AM- mahotella queens / don't be late for heaven [women of the wol] on the shanachie label.