ktru playsheet


from Mon 03/03/2003 01:00:00 PM until Mon 03/03/2003 03:00:00 PM

time- artist / song [album]

03:00 PM- jets to brazil / wish list [perfecting loneliness] on the jade tree label.
02:58 PM- cqmd / horses [cuisine non-stop] on the luaka bop label.
02:52 PM- mice parade / circle 1 [mokoondi] on the ? label.
02:47 PM- murs / what do you know? [the end of the beginning] on the definitive jux label.
02:44 PM- marcus roberts / keep off the grass [if i could be with you] on the bmg label.
02:37 PM- sigur ros / 4 [( )] on the fat cat label.
02:30 PM- jake mandell / beartrap! [wanna buy a craprak?] on the carpark label.
02:26 PM- fields, lee / rapping with lee [problems.] on the soul fire label.
02:21 PM- miss murgatroid &petra haden / bella neurox [bella neurox] on the win label.
02:13 PM- flying luttenbachers / the holy mountain [revenge of the flying luttenbachers] on the skingraft label.
02:10 PM- blake, bobbi / i like yellow things [the american song-poem anthology] on the bar none label.
02:06 PM- chicken hawk / lady of lake [scratch n sniff/darknesspee] on the doormat, tx label.
01:59 PM- inle myint maung/yi yi thant / the glory of the king [mahagita: harp and vocal music of burma] on the smithsonian folkways label.
01:53 PM- hiorthoy, kim / det blev fel [melke] on the small town supersound label.
01:48 PM- holiday / gent [ready, steady, go!] on the march label.
01:47 PM- coachwhips / tonight's the night [get yer body next ta mine] on the narnack label.
01:35 PM- michael torke (request) / monday [music on the floor] on the argo label.
01:33 PM- e da boss / intro &nt#2 [catchin' a buzz] on the slept on records label.
01:28 PM- bill frisell / sittin on top of the world [the willies] on the nonesuch label.
01:21 PM- brume &artificial memory trace / telegram 1 [1st encounter] on the alien8 label.
01:09 PM- temiar people of the malaysian rainforest / bird songs &river sounds, the princess of mt sawilu [dream songs and healing sounds in the rainforests of malaysia] on the smithsonian folkways label.