ktru playsheet


from Wed 11/07/2007 04:00:00 AM until Wed 11/07/2007 07:00:00 AM

time- artist / song [album]

07:13 AM- aphex twin / acridavid jam [i care because you do] on the sire label.
07:11 AM- philip glass / music in fifths [two pages] on the elektra label.
06:59 AM- piedmont sorpid / wilberforce [wilberforce ep] on the dainty deathy label.
06:52 AM- amsterdam klezmer band / sadagora hot dub (shantel remix) [gypsy groove] on the putumayo label.
06:49 AM- dj alibi / react! [one day] on the tres label.
06:44 AM- revolution 9 / answer me [lo fi glamour] on the scarab records label.
06:42 AM- midnight movies / strange design [midnight movies] on the emperor norton label.
06:39 AM- monster bobby / fresh start [gaps] on the hypnote label.
06:36 AM- mogwai / moses? i amn't [happy songs for happy people] on the matador label.
06:34 AM- shape of broad minds / beast from da east [craft of the lost art] on the lex label.
06:29 AM- tomahawk / jockstrap [tomahawk] on the ipecac label.
06:27 AM- culver city dub collective / makuta [dos] on the everlong label.
06:25 AM- huun-huur-tu / tuvan internationale [60 horses in my herd] on the shanachie label.
06:21 AM- alice coltrane / stopover bombay [journey in satchidananda] on the impulse! label.
06:16 AM- theoretical girls / chicita bonita [theoretical album] on the acute records label.
06:13 AM- miracle fortress / have you seen in your dreams [five roses] on the secret city label.
06:09 AM- piedmont charisma / back to the land [piedmont charisma] on the slave label.
06:03 AM- motoharu yoshizawa / track 8 [gobbledygook] on the psed label.
06:01 AM- mothfight / hopscotch pt. 2 [springtime haunted house] on the self-released label.
05:57 AM- stacey earle and mark stuart / is it enough (i luuuv you) [must be live] on the gearle records/buoy publishing label.
05:52 AM- ratatat / el pico [ratatat] on the xl label.
05:48 AM- brazzaville / boeing [welcome to brazzaville] on the web of mimicry label.
05:44 AM- olivier messiaen / les orioles [des canyons aux etoiles] on the cbs records - masterworks label.
05:40 AM- they might be giants / particle man [flood] on the elektra label.
05:34 AM- efterklang / maison de reflexion [parades] on the leaf label ltd label.
05:31 AM- the unicorns / i was born (a unicorn) [who will cut our hair when we're gone?] on the alien8 label.
05:29 AM- sally nyolo / reggae in japan [multiculti] on the tinder records label.
05:16 AM- mermen / brain wash [song of the cows] on the mesa label.
05:10 AM- rainer maria / tinfoil [past worn searching] on the polyvinyl record co. label.
05:06 AM- mando diao / welcome home, luc robitaille [ode to ochrasy] on the mute label.
05:05 AM- jordan o'jordan / niagara, niagara [not style nor season nor hard-handed lesson] on the columbus discount records label.
04:58 AM- bob marley & the wailers / give thanks & praise [confrontation] on the tuff gong label.
04:55 AM- moor, andy / halogen [marker] on the unsounds label.
04:52 AM- kinky / aqui es la vida [rarities] on the sound360 label.
04:48 AM- dj smallcock / cosmic druken dancer [yinyue] on the dual plover label.
04:45 AM- tom waits / filipino box spring hog [mule variations] on the epitaph label.
04:38 AM- p-model / julia bird [corrective errors remix] on the disk union label.
04:34 AM- the carawan family / road to lisdoovarna/drowsy maggie [home brew] on the flying fish label.
04:30 AM- a hawk and a hacksaw and the hun hangár ensemble / serbian cocek [a hawk and a hacksaw and the hun hangár ensemble] on the leaf label.
04:25 AM- the rondelles / like a prayer [shined nickels and loose change] on the k label.
04:22 AM- bikini kill / rebel girl [the singles] on the kill rock stars label.
04:19 AM- dj/rupture / little more oil featuring sister nancy [special gunpowder] on the psych-o-path label.
04:15 AM- the sea and cake / bring my car i feel to smash [thrill 016] on the thrill jockey label.
04:11 AM- jerry grcevich / vatrogasna polka & kada cujem tambure [deeper polka] on the smithsonian folkways recordings label.
04:09 AM- digitalism / echoes [idealism] on the astralwerks label.
04:05 AM- wesley willis / i wupped batman's ass [greatest hits] on the alternative tentacles records label.