ktru playsheet


from Fri 05/26/2006 01:00:00 PM until Fri 05/26/2006 04:00:00 PM

time- artist / song [album]

04:03 PM- Glass family the / honest tries [sleep inside this wheel] on the i eat records label.
03:49 PM- Dj t-Rock / what does it take [whos your daddy] on the bomb hip hop label.
03:32 PM- Lady sovereign / random [vertically challenged] on the chocolate industries label.
03:29 PM- nudge / love in accident [elaborate devices for filtering crisis] on the tigerbeat 6 label.
03:22 PM- V/a / boom boom [the blue form memphis o the mississippi delta] on the st. clair entertainment label.
03:20 PM- at the drive in / Partten against user [relationship of command] on the n/a label.
03:11 PM- Lynn august / slippen and sliding [saucepiquane] on the black top label.
03:11 PM- various artists / track 4 [25 sambas enredos] on the rge label.
03:06 PM- Sonny Rhooes and the texas twisters / I cant lose [just blues] on the evidence label.
03:01 PM- dupree, champion jack / when Im drinkin [a portrait of champion jack dupree] on the rounder label.
02:59 PM- psychic ills / east [dins] on the social registry label.
02:48 PM- 13ghosts / Introduction to part one la fosa omun [cicada] on the skybucket label.
02:45 PM- Pancho quinto / cuando baia cachita [rumba sin fronteras] on the riverboat label.
02:43 PM- mandell, eleni / just a dream [afternoon] on the zedtone label.
02:42 PM- Jimmy Bosch / la cacharra [salso dura] on the rykd latino label.
02:39 PM- Various artists / Lamaldicion del malinche [live from el salvador] on the redwood records label.
02:35 PM- various artists / cumbia cienaguera [cumbia cumbia] on the fuentes label.
02:20 PM- chicharones, The / Pork Rind Discotheque [When Pigs Fly] on the Camobear label.
02:17 PM- various artists / jump up and wave [scoa carnival 94] on the ice label.
02:13 PM- alien zoo / what she wants [zephanom] on the self released label.
02:09 PM- goldfrapp / koko [supernature] on the mute label.
02:09 PM- various artists / boozzo bajou [bossa brava] on the instinct label.
01:54 PM- artichoke / Kelvin william thomson [26 scientists] on the greeen records label.
01:49 PM- Various artists / everything [am 10 a decade of future music] on the s/t label.
01:44 PM- rainer maria / life of lesiure [catastrophe keeps us together] on the grunion records label.
01:42 PM- Various artists / celestial blues [back to black] on the lo recordings label.
01:38 PM- nine Black Alps / Headlights [Everything Is] on the Interscope Records label.
01:36 PM- push to talk / lose my head [s/t] on the doghouse label.
01:30 PM- zuco 103 / Bossacucanova [ziriguiboom - the now sound of brazil 2] on the six degrees label.
01:25 PM- charivari / knife fight reel [a trip to the holiday lounge] on the rounder label.
01:23 PM- Calexico / deep down [garden ruin] on the quarterstick records label.
01:21 PM- Anna Oxygen / Hypertension [This is an exercise] on the kill rock label.
01:16 PM- dr. israel / Dub with me [patterns of war] on the roir label.
01:14 PM- About / Boo (hoo) [bongo] on the cock rock disco label.
01:13 PM- Blackalicious / world of vibrations [the craft] on the anti label.
01:07 PM- Various artists / Que Mambo [ritmo Afro cubano] on the Fantasy records label.
01:06 PM- venegas, julieta / voluntad [bueninvento] on the bmg latin label.