ktru playsheet

AliceC, BryceG

from Wed 04/23/2008 11:00:00 AM until Wed 04/23/2008 01:00:00 PM

time- artist / song [album]

12:54 PM- his name is alive / i can see a lot of light in you [firefly dragonfly] on the acuarela label.
12:51 PM- wondrous horse / fuoco sacro [cavallo meraviglioso] on the fire museum label.
12:46 PM- beulah / emma blowgun's last stand [when your heartstrings break] on the sugar free label.
12:44 PM- blackalicious / my pen and my pad [the craft] on the quannum projects label.
12:41 PM- ben + vesper / door to door [all this could kill you] on the sounds familyre label.
12:37 PM- legendary pink dots / as long as its purple and green [nemesis online] on the soleilmoon 1998 label.
12:31 PM- les savy fav / i.c. timer [rome (written upside down) ep] on the southern records label.
12:24 PM- sun ra / tenderly [some blues but not the kind that's blue] on the atavistic label.
12:21 PM- digitalism / i want i want [idealism] on the astralwerks label.
12:15 PM- carolina chocolate drops / black-eye daisy [dona got a ramblin' mind] on the music maker label.
12:10 PM- the curtis counce quintet / race for space [introspection] on the new world records label.
12:03 PM- avey tare + panda bear / chocolate girl [spirit they're gone, they've vanished] on the animal label.
11:59 AM- bring back the guns / take it like a [dry futures] on the feow! label.
11:54 AM- buddy guy / please don't drive me away [slippin' in] on the silvertone records label.
11:50 AM- buffalo daughter / earth punk rockers [i] on the emperor norton label.
11:48 AM- kid koala / stompin' at la savoie [live from the short attention span audio theater tour] on the ninja tune label.
11:43 AM- hunter, charlie and bobby previte / everest [altitude] on the thirsty ear label.
11:40 AM- the dorkestra / electro-a-go-go [merry tales and fractured melodies] on the cocosolidciti label.
11:36 AM- bikini machine / bikini theme [an introduction to bikini machine] on the platinum records label.
11:32 AM- ikara colt / city of glass [chat and business] on the fantastic plastic label.
11:28 AM- crash test taurus / martiens [the name is an anagram] on the imp records label.
11:23 AM- magic i.d. / martin fierro [till my breath gives out] on the erstpop label.
11:18 AM- dizzy gillespie, sonny stitt, sonny rollins / sunny side of the street [sonny side up] on the verve records label.
11:11 AM- the fiery furnaces / the vietnamese telophone ministry [bitter tea] on the fat possum records label.
11:07 AM- bernard falaise / thon [clic] on the actuellecd label.
11:05 AM- caetano veloso / boas vindas [circulado] on the elektra nonesuch label.
11:02 AM- ghislain poirier / jusqu'en haut [no ground under] on the ninja tune label.