ktru playsheet


from Thu 06/23/2005 10:00:00 AM until Thu 06/23/2005 01:00:00 PM

time- artist / song [album]

12:57 PM- pixies / where is my mind [death to the pixies] on the merge label.
12:56 PM- cursive / recluse [ugly organ] on the saddle creek label.
12:49 PM- stars / violent [comeback ep] on the super records label.
12:45 PM- jealous sound / bitter strings [EP] on the sub pop label.
12:41 PM- headphones / gas and matches [headphones] on the suicide queens label.
12:39 PM- aquaduct / hardcore days and softcore nights [solid gold] on the jade tree label.
12:33 PM- futureheads / hounds of love [st] on the sire label.
12:29 PM- good life / album of the year [album of the year] on the saddle creek label.
12:25 PM- pedro the lion / when they really get to know you they will run [it's hard to find a friend] on the jade tree label.
12:22 PM- cruiserweight / goodbye daily sadness [sweet weponry] on the peekaboo label.
12:15 PM- dntel / (this is) the dream of evan and chan [s.t.] on the sub pop label.
12:09 PM- go find / modern times [miami] on the morr music label.
12:07 PM- bloc party / banquet [silent alarm] on the vice label.
12:02 PM- figurine / IMpossible [the heartfelt] on the march label.
11:57 AM- single frame ashtray / comm. jet (creepykid remix) [wetrheads come runnign] on the already gone records label.
11:52 AM- q and not u / soft pyramids [different damage] on the kindercore label.
11:50 AM- marbles / circuit [expo] on the spin art label.
11:50 AM- crabs / love & hate [what were once flames now smolder] on the hello label.
11:44 AM- cribs / you were always the one [st] on the epic label.
11:38 AM- le tigre / this island [this island] on the universal label.
11:37 AM- broken social scene / stars and sons [you forget it in people] on the merge label.
11:32 AM- enon / knock that door [lost marbles and exploded evidence] on the touch and go label.
11:28 AM- yeah yeah yeahs / y control [fever to tell] on the merril label.
11:26 AM- spoon / i summon you [gimme fiction] on the merge label.
11:23 AM- charmparticles / stand up for leaving [sit down for staying] on the childstar label.
11:15 AM- notwist / consequence [neon golden] on the domino label.
11:09 AM- explosions in the sky / your hand in mine [the world is not a cold dead place] on the temporary residence label.
10:54 AM- m83 / lower your eyelids to die with the sun [before the dawn heals us] on the gooomd\ label.
10:50 AM- lcd soundsystem / yr citys a sucker [s.t.] on the dfa label.
10:47 AM- telefon tel aviv / my week beats your year [map of what is effortless] on the hefty label.
10:41 AM- faint / i dissapear [wet from birth] on the saddle creek label.
10:32 AM- underworld / big mouth [1992-2002] on the junior boy's own label.
10:28 AM- dj shadow / organ donor [endtroducing] on the thrill ride label.
10:26 AM- russian futurists / paul simon [our thickness] on the upper class label.
10:22 AM- built to spill / fling [there is nothing wrong with love] on the up label.
10:21 AM- mates of state / everyone needs an editor [my solo project] on the omnibus label.
10:18 AM- architecture in helsinki / wishbone [in case we die] on the saddle creek label.
10:12 AM- caribou / subotink [the milk of human kindness] on the leaf label.
10:05 AM- gang gang dance / god's money II [god's money] on the the social registry label.
10:02 AM- interpol / slow hands [antics] on the interscope label.
09:58 AM- anna oxygen / man on the screen [all your faded things] on the cold crush records label.