ktru playsheet


from Sat 06/19/2004 07:00:00 PM until Sat 06/19/2004 09:00:00 PM

time- artist / song [album]

08:52 PM- the animal collective / two sails on a sound [here comes the indian] on the paw tracks label.
08:44 PM- ambarchi/meuller/voice crack / walkign oysters [oystered] on the audiosphere label.
08:40 PM- bailey, derek/fine, milo / extract before [scale points on the fever curve] on the emanem label.
08:35 PM- brownie mcghee and sonny terry / old jabo [brownie mcghee and sonny terry sing] on the smithsonian/folkways label.
08:34 PM- bill and belle reed / old lady and the devil [v/a: anthology of american folk music, vol. 1] on the smithsonian/folkways label.
08:30 PM- nordine, ken / burgundy [colors] on the asphodel label.
08:27 PM- dockstader / luna park [v/a: from a to z] on the starkland label.
08:24 PM- rudis/custodio/diaz-infante / track 19 [crashing the russian renaissance] on the pax label.
08:19 PM- pan sonic / corridor [kesto] on the mute label.
08:07 PM- parker/zerang/drumm / lacerate [out trios volume two] on the atavistic label.
08:07 PM- decomposure / skytrain [taking things apart] on the unschooled label.
08:02 PM- nmperign / track 4 [nmperign] on the selektion label.
07:54 PM- vandermark five / gyllene [elements of style, excercises in surprise] on the atavistic label.
07:50 PM- butcher, john / humours and vapours [13 friendly numbers] on the unsounds label.
07:41 PM- nakamura, toshimaru / nimb1 [no-input mixing board] on the zero gravity label.
07:39 PM- matthews, kaffe / track 12 [cd cecile] on the annette works label.
07:35 PM- dalabafrithglickriemankihlstedt / ant farm morning [s/t] on the accretions label.
07:30 PM- carter, tom / monument 2 [monument] on the kranky label.
07:27 PM- feldman, morton / track 5 [rothko chapel] on the new albion label.
07:23 PM- rotten piece / dr03 [dr01-07] on the lazy squid label.
07:17 PM- licht, alan / remington khan [plays well] on the crank automotive label.
07:10 PM- overhang party / fever [v/a: tokyo flashback 3] on the psf label.
07:08 PM- concrete violin / nsc 5411 [force fed] on the lazy squid rekkids label.
07:02 PM- skullflower / the idiotsburgh address [infinityland] on the headdirt label.