ktru playsheet

JeffG, AnnaG

from Tue 04/06/2004 01:00:00 PM until Tue 04/06/2004 03:00:00 PM

time- artist / song [album]

02:59 PM- do make say think / classic noodlanding [& yet & yet] on the constellation label.
02:51 PM- the unicorns / I was born a unicorn [who will cut your hair when] on the alien 8 label.
02:50 PM- ugly casanova / cat faces [sharpen your teeth] on the sub pop label.
02:45 PM- 764- Hero / Nobody Knows This is Everywhere [shoot a 45] on the tiger style label.
02:41 PM- The Mountain Goats / Moon and Sand [Nothing For juice] on the AJAX label.
02:39 PM- davis, reverend gary / marine band:oh dear what can the matter be [if i had my way:early home recordings] on the smithsonian folkways label.
02:36 PM- iron and wine / southern anthem [the creek drank the craddle] on the sub pop label.
02:34 PM- husbands, the / will you still love me tomorrow [introducing the sounds of...] on the swami label.
02:31 PM- camera obscura / keep it clean [underachievers please try harder] on the Merge Records label.
02:26 PM- 90 day men / when your luck runs out [panda park] on the southern records label.
02:23 PM- miracle legion / mr. mingo [surprise surprise surprise] on the rough trade label.
02:19 PM- furry lewis / see that my grave is kept clean [take your time] on the adelphi label.
02:14 PM- califone / sawtooth sung [heron king blues] on the thrill jockey label.
02:10 PM- moving units / i am [s/t ep] on the palm pictures label.
02:07 PM- hood / i can't find my brittle youth [cold house] on the aesthitics label.
02:02 PM- diverse / jus biz [one a.m.] on the chocolate industries label.
02:00 PM- john lee hooker / Boom Boom [the blues: from memphis to the mississippi delta] on the st. clair label.
01:55 PM- The Halo Benders / Your Asterisk [The Rebels Not In] on the K Records label.
01:50 PM- fog / whom that hits Walls [hummer] on the ninja tune label.
01:46 PM- Amaro Suno / Kutka Avel e Sej Bari [Gypsy Caravan] on the Putumayo World Music label.
01:45 PM- Hayden / street car [skyscraper national park] on the Badman label.
01:42 PM- Caustic Resin / hollow trap [Body Love + Body Hate] on the C/Z Records label.
01:38 PM- Les Savy Fav / One to Three [Go Fourth] on the French Kiss Records label.
01:37 PM- Unwound / Totality [A Single History] on the Kill Rock Stars label.
01:34 PM- Esteban Salas / Angus Dei [Cuban Baroque Sacred Music] on the JADE label.
01:32 PM- cat power / Wild is the WInd [The Covers Record] on the Matador label.
01:23 PM- greg davis / nicholas [arbor] on the carpark label.
01:20 PM- blonde redhead / falling man [misery is a butterfly] on the 4ad label.
01:17 PM- john fahey / sligo river blues [return of the repressed] on the rhino label.
01:14 PM- wilco / dash 7 [am] on the sire/reprise label.
01:12 PM- the mendoza line / this charm [if they knew this was the end] on the bar none label.
01:08 PM- skip james / devil got my woman [she lyin'] on the genes label.
01:05 PM- scout niblett / i'll be a prince (shhh) [i am] on the secretly canadian label.
12:59 PM- yo la tengo / last days of disco [and then nothing turned itself inside out] on the matador-+ label.